Yawn All About It!

Liddy. Just waking up from a long nap.
Mommie. Looks like she is belting out a song.
Bobbie. Looks like an angry cat but she is yawning. Somehow I have been lucky to catch some of my pets yawning. I was able to get a few shots because I generally leave my camera out on the kitchen table (put it away at night) and spend quite a few hours waiting for a dog or cat to awaken. I have not been able to predict which cat or dog is going to yawn but I have noticed that certain ones or more prone to yawn after a long nap. Recording that yawn with the camera is just a “little” tricky.  

I read not long ago that yawning is “catching” between some pets and their owners but I have yet to notice that any of mine caught the “yawns” from me.

Other animals such as snakes, (yes, snakes), fish, dogs, and a host of other animals also yawn. I could not find a real or viable reason why animals and humans yawn. As for me, a good yawn is sort of relaxing or maybe not- it just seems  an invitation for a good nap.

 The past summer of 2011 I put out a lot of money for dentals on about 12 cats. Currently there are more that need dentals. I am waiting for my $$ to build back up. Even though I have used the same veterinarian for about 30 years I have to pay when he is finished with an animal. I have probably spent- well I don’t want to think about it- HEAPS of money at that clinic. Many moons ago, I was getting a pretty good discount- now I don’t have to pay the fee of an office visit.  Any discount is better than no discount.

 In August of this year I changed vets. (finally)  I found a very smart veterinarian who gives my animals a complete exam and weighs options of what to use as the best medication for x disease or illness. He is compassionate and has 2-3 vet techs working at all times. My daughter told me that having adequate clinic staffing is generally the sign of a good vet. I think she is right. I just wish that I had changed vets a long time ago.

The veterinarian  in Austin,Tx. that performed major dentals on 2 of my cats in the summer of 2011 was extremely generous to lower the total bill for both cats. He knew that these were rescue cats and both cats are senior cats- as past 13 years or so. Maize was a feral that I trapped when she was about 6 months of age. She is in one of the pictures in this post.

Another aside to this post: dentals are important to help extend the life of your pet.

Post and photographs Yvonne



19 thoughts on “Yawn All About It!

  1. Val says:

    PS. After all that, I forgot to say – as far as I know, yawning is done to get more oxygen into the body. 🙂

  2. Val says:

    Two things – one just to you, Yvonne. If you put your photos into flickr and then just post them from there rather than using the media library in WordPress they will show up better here (but you’ll also have to make sure you put a link back to the page in flickr where you have them otherwise it’s against Flickr’s rules). WordPress resizes photos and that makes them look horrible. The only way around that is to upload images that are the exact size you want them to display in your posts and then choose the ‘original’ option in the photo editor. Trouble is, they’ve changed so many things lately that I can’t advise my further than that anymore.

    The other thing – to you and to Steve Gingold – I have a page in my blog that gives info to people who have problems commenting in my blog. Have a look at it and you might find some solutions or workarounds to the problems you’re having commenting on other people’s blogs. It’s here: http://artyoldbird.com/if-youre-having-difficulty-commenting/

    Oh and my apologies if I don’t comment often here, Yvonne, but I have a lot of allergies and most of them are to animals (I mean physical allergies, not the psychological kind in which people say ‘allergy’ when they mean that they dislike something) and I can’t subscribe to animal blogs as I just get upset. I do look in from time to time, though. I spent a good part of my childhood in hospital because of these allergies. I have to make do with my wild bird friends (which aren’t allowed indoors, much as they’d love to come in!)

  3. Hi Yvonne.
    Here is a different sort of comment. I am having trouble posting…assuming this works.
    I tried responding to your last comment to me on the most recent posting. It does not get applied after I press comment. And I also noticed that all the comments have the same exact time and date for each. And I still am not getting notifications of your new posts. I also looked in your list of blogs you follow and saw neither Andrew nor myself…I think I had seen our names there before. So it is odd and I hope you get to see this.

    • Steve, thanks for the reply. WordPress, according to a British blogger “Arty Old Bird” named Val, to whom I subscribe wrote to me that WordPress has its glitches now and then (not her words). First of all those 3 comments you wrote, were over in the spam box.

      I would not have seen those had I not looked at the spam thingy. make sure I will approve one and go back to my blog to make sure that your comment is there. Then I will delete the extras.


      • Thanks Yvonne. That explains a lot. I was never aware of the framing option. Every once in a while I create a drop shadow for my online images, but not on the blog. Andrew tried putting a slight frame around an image once, but it did not meet with much acceptance so he stopped. I had suggested it so I am to blame I guess.

        I generally do not follow the path back to a “like”. As you said, they are usually trying to create traffic, which I can appreciate, but most often I only follow commenters to see their blog.

        Thanks for trying to get Andrew and me back on your list.

        Have a nice weekend. It is going to be cold and a little snowy here.

        • Thanks Steve. The black line that Andrew put around his photos just was not wide enough.You just work with it until it looks pleasing to the eye.

          The weather here is sunny but cold. Not freezing- maybe 40 degrees is my guess. I do not envy your snow although it makes for some good photo opportunities.


  4. chatou11 says:

    Hi Yvonne, thanks for your last comment and I understand you would like the possibility to have translation.. I promise I’ll try to manage this next year. I mean in January. I have to find the trick to do it but no time at this moment of the year.

    Thanks for your visits, I appreciate them very much. It will help me to improve my english too. That is what I like with wordpress, we can have exchange with people all over the world.

    Have a nice day, Yvonne

    Friendly yours-

    • Chatou, it does not matter if I can read it or not. It would be nice however.

      I am impressed with your photographs and have no idea if you are a pro and or someone that is a hobbist or just recently took up photography.


  5. sweetmarie says:

    Fabulous photos! Hope you had a nice Christmas!

  6. Great pictures, Yvonne! I don´t know about the US, but when I had animals (cats and horses), dental care was covered by the insurance.

    • WordPress has some serious issues. I replied to your comment but I see that is now gone. Anyhoo, thanks for the reply Calee. I have too many pets to have insurance on any of them. There is no way I could afford pet insurance for more than 3-4 or so. Also, I think that insurance in your native country and also the rest of Europe is most likely far cheaper than it is here in the states. Human insurance companies have and are still making an incredible amount of money. Maybe that will change with the new insurance thing that was pushed through by the president. I should do some posts abut the horror stories of my own children and of the minorities who do not have a dime (10 pennies is 10 cents and = a dime) to their name. I don’t know if you are familiar with american currency or not.

      I hope that you are still having a nice vacation. It will soon be over if it is not already. I thought that you had written that you would be gone for 2 weeks.

      Take care,

  7. chatou11 says:

    They are so cute.. but I think that Veterinarian’s bills are much too expensive!

    • Yes, some vets over charge ( you have to shop around for one that delievers quality care and does not over charge) but if one only has a pet or two then an average person can afford the food and vet bills. I have put much money into my pets but that is my passion. I am not a clothes or jewelery person, I don’t travel, and I live simply. I have a decent retirement that will keep on unless our country goes to pot and THAT IS HUGE FEAR OF MINE. I worked for a division of the US government for not quite 35 years. So my money comes from having been a governement employee. I live simply so that I can pay for my pets.

  8. TexWisGirl says:

    i go to a country vet about 30 min. away. the ones closer i’ve heard bad things about so hesitate to try them. glad you found a really good one!

    • Thanks Theresa. Thirty minutes away is not too bad if the vet is a okay. I too have steered away from those that I heard bad things about. I went through about 4 vets before I found the one that I like. He is about mid sixties and really explains all about what ever is wrong with my cat or dog. Vets are like MDs- if you find a good one you had better keep him/her. Shopping around is a real hassle.

      • TexWisGirl says:

        i drive over an hour to get to my doctor and my dentist for that same reason. 🙂

        • It is the pits when it gets down to that but I think finding a good MD is going to become more difficult. I’m glad you only have to drive an hour. It could be worse. I go to Marble Falls which is about 120 miles or so. See eye specialist and a derm specialist that are both there. Go the back way and not down I-35.

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