Purebreed Dogs: Info To Know

This is a photo of a beautiful  black Labrador Retriever belonging to one of my daughter’s clients.  His nails were cut and was then given a bath. Harley is a very gentle dog and was easy to bathe. He’s waiting to be dried and brushed before returning home to his “Mom.”    

Did you know that the Labrador Retriever has placed as the Number 1 dog in AKC registrations since 2001? Oddly enough, the breed has never won best in show. Personally,I think this is suspect.  It seems judges go for rarer breeds or just maybe they are partial to their  personal favorites. This dog just has not lost it’s popularity with americans. I do not know about other countries. Generally, this breed has an affable and sweet personality and loves to play, thus making him a family dog that is good with children.   The lab should be provided with early  socialization among other dogs and people.  He is popular as a retriever among outdoor sportsman, especially those that hunt waterfowl.  A natural ability to excel at swimming, is why this breed is used by the Italian  School of Canine Lifeguard for rescue and life saving. Maybe having webbed paws enables the labrador to be such a powerful swimmer.

The canine agility sport of dock diving has become popular among owners of Labs. Contests are held across the United States in which the owner/handler throws what is called a bumper across a special pool of water.  The dog leaps into the air in an effort to catch the bumper, thus propelling the dog a sizable distance which can be in the neighborhood of 25-30 feet, beore landing in the water.  As the dog hits the water, a special electronic device measures the exact footage in feet and inches. This field of agility allows the labrador to show off its prowess as a fearless retriever who will go to great lengths to retrieve an object.  Individuals are now breeding dogs with blood lines, proven to be superb jumpers who can go “the distance.”  The Nestle Purina company sponsors this event which allows the best of the best to compete in various agility contests. These events are shown on TV and this is how I learned about the sport. I can say without a doubt that owners/handlers who enter these events are serious about their dock diving dog. The contest is exciting and it is a  joy to watch these amazing dogs compete with several other breeds that are natural jumpers.  

Muddy was a throw-a-way puppy that I found in a hospital parking lot on a very cold night.

Muddy was a throw-a-way puppy that I found in a hospital parking lot on a very cold night.


Muddy is a very tall labrador. He has no interst in water and does not plat with toys. He likes playing with sticks of his own choosing. He is an excellent watch dog.

Muddy is a very tall labrador. He has no interst in water and does not care for  toys. He likes playing with sticks of his own choosing. He is an excellent watch dog.

Post and photographs by  Yvonne 

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12 thoughts on “Purebreed Dogs: Info To Know

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post, Yvonne. Muddy is another lucky dog, a beautiful one too, who has crossed your path.
    Have you heard of one of these prison programs where inmates are training dogs, mainly Labradors and Golden Retrievers, to be adopted later on by disabled people or soldiers (suffering from mental disorders) who are coming back from Irak and Afghanistan ?
    Here is an article about it :
    Puppies behind bars is the name of the program, if I am not mistaken.

    Have a very happy New Year, Yvonne and thanks for all you share on your post.
    I am also happy that our paths crossed 🙂

    • Thank you Isa for the nice comment. Happy New Year to you also. I am glad that I found your blog as well. I had not heard of the puppies for the Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

      I have seen similiar programs where prison inmates were placed with adult dogs who were socialized and learned discipline and love in order to make the dogs adoptable. I think the inmates keep them for up to 6 months or maybe a year. I think some prisons even use cats. It is such a rewarding program for the dogs no matter the person who eventually gets to adopt the dogs. I wish that more prisons used these programs for it helps get more animals adopted.

      The soldiers in these cases really do need the kind of help that only a dog can give. I will click on the link later today. I have MD appointment this am for routine labs.


      • Hope all goes well for you, Yvonne

        • Thank you, Isa, I really went for a mammogram but it was easier at the moment to write lab test. Or I thought that is was easier. I go to a breast center that is run by the Daughters’s of Charity( I guess they still do) The center has a high tech machine and the patient is treated so nice. They provide a robe for you and a locker where you put your purse and clothes. You lock the locker and you take the key with you. The patient is given a very nice white bath robe and you wear that until you are finished. Everyone is so nice and friendly. It is unbelievable that a radiologist reads the xrays right away and you are given the results in about 15 minutes. I was the first one there so I was glad that I was ahead of 4 other women. The tech came to tell me that my xrays looked oaky. That was a huge relief. So apparently there is a radiologist that does nothing but read the mammograms.

        • What a great relief indeed ! I am very happy for you. The scarry thing about those mammograms is the time spent waiting for the results…It used to be like this here earlier on. Today one gets the results right away, like you do. Much better ! Congrats 🙂

        • One more reply to you. If most places are reading the xrays “fresh off the press” so to speak, then huge strides have been made. That really makes me happy to hear that you can get an immediate report of your mammmogram, as well. I last had one done 3 years ago (I have been negligent) and at that time my report was not immediate. Perhaps it has been learned that if there is a mass found then that needs to be attended to as soon as possible. Hence, time is of the essence where cancer is concerned. Of course there are some types that it does not matter how soon the cancer is detected. It just ocurred to me that letting the patient know immediately certainly eliminates waiting for days and wondering if you have cancer or not.

  2. chatou11 says:

    I like Labradors very much. Nice post Yvonne, thyanks

    • Thank you. There is more info that I should have included and one day I want to re-do the entire post. It was a post that I knocked out in a hurry and I that is actually a repost that I dug out of the archives. Do you have a dog? I have not read all of your past posts and I intend to do that, I hope in the near future

  3. TexWisGirl says:

    i adore labs. our only purebred dog was a yellow lab, marigold. my husband surprised me with her after our 15 yr old collie mix died, then we adopted a mix from a shelter that ended up having distemper and we lost that fight. so he reached out to a good breeder to make sure we’d have a good chance of not losing a 3rd in a row. she lived to be 14. baron, our black lab, was a shelter adoptee. he doesn’t have papers, but he’s purebred lab enough for me. plenty of labs available in shelters that need good homes. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Theresa. I always like to read about your dogs. It is sad that you lost the one to distemper. A mixed breed lab will always be a good dog. But as you know, the owner either does a bit of training and can make any dog a good one with just a little bit of effort.

      As you have written, the shelters are filled with labs. My two chocolate labs were thrown out as puppies and I feel that I am the lucky one to have Muddy and Molly.

      Doofus people think they want a lab and then do not make an effort to train the dog in the most basic behavior. The other is that these yahoos get a female and decide that they will make some money or else they do not spend the money to get the dog spayed.

      I can not go to a shelter anymore. My emotions get the best of me and I can see every dog in my mind from then on. It never leaves me. I wish I could be like an average person- but I just don’t have it in me. As I might have said before- I wish that I had moocho money and I would get free spay/neuter clinics going and get laws passed that are strictly enforced. These are pipe dreams.

  4. So cute!!! Nice post!!!

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