Lisa with Ranger

My daughter with our dog Ranger who arrived as a stray about 1979. Third best dog we were privileged to provide with a loving home.


11 thoughts on “Lisa with Ranger

  1. Reinhardt says:

    A lovely and warm picture! Speaks of peace and love.

  2. Office Diva says:

    I love the way each of them are posing in such different ways; and the vintage look of Lisa’s hair, the soft colors and the lighting is excellent. Very nice post, very emotive.

  3. I absolutely love this photograph. It’s warm and sweet and both your daughter and Ranger are beautiful.

  4. Forgive my manners…your daughter is beautiful also.

    • Gee, I thought nothing of that. We are all in a hurry and I don’t post for compliments. Blogging is something that helps me keep my old brain alive- at least I think that it does. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your interest very much.

  5. chatou11 says:

    Thank you for visiting me and subscribed to my blog. I will do the same to get your new posts.Your daughter is beautiful and so is the dog. I lost my “Berger allemand” beginning of Novembre!
    see you soon

    • I am so sorry about the loss of your dog. The sorrow is very deep. I hope you have another pet in your life and if not perhaps you might think of saving a life by getting a dog from a shelter.

      Thank you for taking a look around. I appreciate you showing an interest in my blog.

      I like the looks of your blog a lot. The black around the photos makes the photos look really nice.


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