Some Family Nostalgia (click photo to enlarge)

My daughter with our dog Ranger who arrived as a stray about 1979. Third best dog we were privileged to provide with a loving home.

My daughter with our dog Ranger who arrived as a stray about 1979.


Old photographs of family members bring back many memories for me. The pictures elicit a certain sadness as I look for various photos that I snapped many moons ago when my children were not grown and my parents were still living. I can visualize the settings and the things that I said to my impatient subjects who never could understand why I could not just  hurry and snap a picture.

I have mostly kept my award-winning photos in one place and have the negatives of the best photos archived in special folders. I hope and pray that the negatives are all still good. I want to get all negatives organized and then put them in a safe deposit box at the bank where the temp is constant. That is something that I should have had the sense to do a long time ago. My only excuse is that I was too busy working a full time job and being a wife and mother. My job was very demanding and stressful. I am truly surprised that I survived and that my cognition still appears intact. ( I think)! And now I am glad that I loved to use a camera. My regret is that I used a movie camera to take many pictures as my children were growing up. I have those reels and someone told me years ago that these can be put on CD or maybe is was to negative. Not sure about that- maybe I dreamed it. Anyhow, I need to explore that before I kick the bucket and speaking of buckets -no I do not have a list.

So here is a pic from the past.  Some of my photos were scanned to a disk and then down loaded to my computer. This image was not well preserved and needs editing in Adobe Photo Shop. The originals were sharp but when these are enlarged in this post they are grainy and have lots of little bits of lint, etc. I wish that I had used fill flash for this photo but is was sort of spur of the moment and my daughter was getting impatient to return to her book.  Even though this photo could have been much better it is still one of my top favorites.

So much for family nostalgia. Looking at this picture of my daughter with Ranger caused me to  cry. Mang things have come and gone over all these years. Some things happened for the better and some things happened that caused much pain- physical and emotional. But, I can look at this photo and remember the time of day and what I was telling Lisa. I just did not tell her to put a hand on her hip. **smile**


Post and photographs Yvonne



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34 thoughts on “Some Family Nostalgia (click photo to enlarge)

  1. fgassette says:

    Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

  2. exiledprospero says:

    Lovely photo, Yvonne. You should try your best to preserve your old photos.

    …meanwhile, your posts have dropped out of my reader, and I have some catching up to do!

    • I am planning to get busy later in January to see what I can do about the movie reels and to see if I can learn how to scan my photos to a cd by doing the job myself.

      Prospero, are you subscribed by email to my posts. There is a place somewhere on my blog for you to do that. Also somwhere in WordPress that is a place to click on manage blogs that says “I subscribe to” or something like that. There is a box about delivery that comes up and it says nver, weekly, or immediately.

      Thanks for the comment. Other people have complained as well that my posts are not showing up.

  3. Andrew says:

    Just to be clear, you type the symbols not the words.

    • Well, I just went back and looked at my reply to you. This computer does not want to smile, grin, or frown.

      I will probably need another computer. I have 12 GB on this HP (I had added more) but I think my bytes are about full and it is time to get another computer before this one crashes on me ( I have not down loaded-) I have the exteranl hard drive but must call cosco to find out how this is done.

      Thanks Andrew. Sorry that this thing apparently is not setup to do the smiley thing. I did have the key board replaced one time- maybe that is it.

  4. sybil says:

    Hi Yvonne, I had old, old Super 8 movies put on video years ago. Video=VHS Ha, ha. But I found a place that would put the video onto DVDs and have done that. Get different prices Yvonne. There can be quite a range …

    Yellow face = Colon or semi colon for a wink, dash and a right bracket all typed with no spaces between. πŸ™‚

    I love the back lit photo of your daughter and her dog. Gawd the hand on hip is such an age thing

    • Thank you Sybil for commenting. I laughed when you mentioned my daughter’s hand on the hip. I had not looked at the photos closely and after putting the pic on the post I saw that she had a hand on each hip. I am going to insist that she look at the pic on the blog.

      No one in my family looks at my blog. Not even my friends. None of them are into blogs. But honestly I have learned quite a bit by reading and seeing all of the different photos on various blogs.

      Thank you for the face thing. I will give it a try. But where do you get the yellow faces from? Are these on wordpress in a hidden recess that I don’t know about?

      And, I appreciate the advice about the 8mm movie being put on DVD. I am going to see about it probably in January.

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Yvonne, the smilies are automatically transformed into the yellow faces if you type on your keyboard. So I type colon hyphen close bracket πŸ™‚

        And I should get a smile πŸ˜‰

        • Thanks Andrew. I have to see what this is going to do. Tech support at Cosco told another way. I don’t think my computer has this capability. But she said it works if I send it. So here it is


          PS: I thought you and Mrs. Ha would have left for your trip. Are you not a day ahead of US? So this would be Friday?

        • Just Rod says:

          We should be able to get into the smily act. Yvonne you used a square bracket instead of the curved bracket (you find it on the keyboard above the 0) and when you send the message it get’s translated into the smily face – I just use colon closed bracket and it seems to work like this πŸ™‚ Mind you I find the smily face can be overdone and I get a bit antsy when it finds its way into more formal communications 😦 but mainly I am happy about it πŸ˜‰ I used a semi colon closed bracket for the winky smily face πŸ™‚ see now I’ve overdone it 😦 colon open bracket…

        • Thanks to you also. Rod. My keyboard is apparently faulty. I had the keyboard replaced once AND this is not the original HP keyboard. I have a feeling that this is a “knock-off” keyboard and that is why it does not work as it should. I have done all the things that you and Andrew and a lady in Novia Scotia has shown me via this blog and none of it works. I really think it is the keyboard unless there is something that I can add via the internet. I’ll go to google and see what I can find. Have to hurry right now- supposed to meet with 3 of my retired nurse friends for lunch.

      • sybil says:

        The face things magically appear when you input the correct key combination. i.e. a wink is semi colon dash right bracket. Give it a shot. πŸ™‚
        In case you didn’t see my response on my own blog, you can get the S’ou Wester hats through Lee Valley Tools …,42407,33240&ap=1

        • Ok. Lee Valley Tools for the hat. The yellow faces do not work on my computer. I think because I had the keyboard replaced and it is probably a knock-off done by the computer repair place. But I think I can add that option from someplace. I’m going to call cosco tech support. My Hp was bought there in austin. Costco is great. There is no charge ever. Costco gives free tech support for as long as you own the computer or other electric thingy. And all of the techs speak english that I can understand which I really like.

          Thanks Sybil for the info for the hat and the yellow faces, even if I can’t make it work or rather my computer will not cooperate.

  5. Wonderful post, Yvonne! You can bring your cine films to a camera shop, my parents did that last year and it was a real treat to get copies of everything. πŸ™‚

  6. Your daughter is really beautiful. I know you can transfer movies, although we never have. All our daughter’s are on beta tapes. And it seems the older I get, the more nostalgic I get, about everything. My mom’s birthday was yesterday. She would have been 87 if she would have lived.

    • Thank you for commenting. I’m so sorry that your mom gone now. And each time her birthday rolls around good memories surface for you, I am sure. For me some memories cause me to feel sad. Yes, it is difficult to look at photos especially those of your parents and even those of your children. At the time I took pictures of my two children the thought never entered my mind that someday I would be crying when I look at these pictures. In some instances I wish that I could live that part of my life over and I would have gone about things a bit differently. I would have appreciated my parents more- that kind of thing.

  7. She looks so beautiful!!! Good post!!! This post made me to remember my dad…. Thank you πŸ™‚ .

    • Gee, Rexlin. Thank you. I will tell Lisa about all of the nice comments from my blogging friends. I didn’t think I would get any comments. Maybe some likes. I am very pleased that you like this one. The camera I was using at the time was a Konica which my husband liked to borrow. He was careless and my camera was stolen many years ago.

  8. Kathy says:

    What a really lovely picture of your daughter and Ranger, Yvonne. Yes, looking at old photos can be so nostalgic. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. All dancing in and out of our memories.

    • Kathy, you did not need to come out of your hiatus just to make a comment for a crummy post. But I thank you that you did.**smile* I got that from you. I dont’know how to do the yellow face thing.

  9. Northern Narratives says:

    That is such a powerful photo. I’m glad you posted it.

    • Gee, Judy. Thank you. It is full of memories and I wish that things were good and carefree for my daughter as they were at the time of that picture. But she is on the mend now and and with the power of God and my daughter’s strength, things are looking much better. Thanks for your kindness.

  10. Just Rod says:

    What a lovely post and beautiful picture of your beautiful daughter. I love the sepia tones and the back -lit hair. The dog looks like he is enjoying the picture taking.
    Thanks for the sharing.

    • Thank Rod for the nice comment. I personally like that pic very much. I am very fond of back lit photos- I just needed to have used fill flash but I suppose if I ever learn photo shop I could try to do something to lighten up Lisa’s face.

      • Just Rod says:

        That’s my next goal…to learn Photoshop.At least enough for my needs.
        I like the softness of your daughter’s face contrasting with the brightness in the hair.
        I hope we will get to see more of your photographs.

        • I have many photos but these need to be scanned to CD. I won a few awards way back when and then I stopped doing any photographing for a long time. I wish that I had not quit. Maybe my life would have gone in a different direction. I am sure that you will learn Photoshop. When things smooth out for my daughter I am going to put an ad in the paper for some young person who can meet me at the library and teach me photoshop.

  11. Andrew says:

    This is a lovely photo, Yvonne. I am sad that many wonderful photos of this sort will never be printed nowadays but will end up on only a hard drive. Your cine films probably contain some real treasures worth preserving. Please do it. Your daughter is very pretty and Ranger is very handsome.

    I am the last of the line in my direct family and I often wonder what will happen to the biscuit tin full of photos when I die. We usually only go through these feelings when it is too late. Mostly we are too busy until we can’t do anything about it. My parents left a long time ago, my brother in August. All my aunts and uncles (and there were many) have passed too with one lovely exception. Crying is therapeutic and cathartic. Feel good about it. **smile** indeed.

    • Thank you andrew for the compliment re” Lisa and Ranger. I will take your urging about the cine and find out who will do the process for me. First I’ll ask the camera shop people where I have bought every camera that I own except my Bronica. Camera people might know how to get this done or steer me in the right direction.

      That is sad and depressing that no one will inherit your photos. Is there not even a distant relative that does the family tree thing that would be interested? Or even the town library might would want them where you grew up or even your one aunt that is still lving might know someone that would appreciate those family photos.

      My parents both died in the 1980″s. I am of a small family as well. I have one granddaughter- (my son’s child) but I hardly know her (divorce) because of her mother who did not promote interaction. My sister has no children so with my two that is the end of the line as well unless my granddaughter wants my photos.

      Here we are beating ourselves over the head to create more photos, and poof, when we die that is the end of that. Yes, I suppose crying is cathartic and things could be worse than what they are.

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