Kippy- “A Jewel in The Rough” (rescued from local shelter) Original post-11/29/11

Kippy looking worried re: grooming is about to begin.

Kippy looking worried re: grooming is about to begin.

Kippy: Happy that grooming is "all done."

Kippy: Happy that grooming is “all done.”

Kippy knows he is looking good.

Kippy knows he is looking good.


I was not intending to get another dog when I entered the  local Pets Mart to buy dog and cat food. When I first saw the little dog, he was crouched in a cage in the far corner of a row of  dimly lit cages that the store provides for humane societies to show their cats and dogs that are left over during adoption day. He had been left the day before. I could see him shaking and as I approached I saw fright and bewilderment in his eyes. Nothing had been done to make him look more appealing. His coat was  wiry and shaggy-he had a long nose ,under bite, long skinny body, and huge stand-up ears. Truthfully, he was an ugly dog. I could visualize no one wanting to adopt him so I told the young lady that I would take him. After I arrived home with  Kippy, (I chose a  name for him on the way home) I looked through an assortment of old puppy collars that my now adult dogs had out grown. I placed a small collar around his neck, attached a lease, and took a step toward the back door. Kippy immediately crouched on the floor and urinated. At that moment I realized that he had never worn a collar and he did not know how to walk on a leash. And, he had probably suffered abuse. It took approximately a month of many trials before he got the hang of walking on leash. I had to pick him up to get him outdoors. Immediately after putting him down, he would lower his entire body to the ground where he remained until I picked up AGAIN, put him down, then take a few steps, and pick up AGAIN. I repeated the same process over and over again.  Each time he took a few steps he was rewarded with a bit of milk bone biscuit. This process went on for 2-3 weeks.  Finally one day he decided the leash wasn’t so bad after all. Since that time many years ago he has continued to walk on leash without any problem.

Submissive urination was a whole different story. He urinated on the floor any time I attached the leash and attempted to walk him to the door. Without saying anything to him, I cleaned it up and acted as if there was no problem. It took about a year for him to realize that he would not be punished before he stopped urinating on the floor.
 Physically, he appears  to be part dachshund,  maybe a little beagle, and with the long, stand-up ears, I’ve decided he’s part chihuahua. Possibly he’s a little bit Jack Russell terrier. 
Kippy has keen hearing and is a good little watch dog. He runs around the property with his tail held high. The tip of his tail is white and it looks like a little flag waving as he runs and plays. In the summer I shave his hair really short.  In the winter I let his coat grow out some but try to keep him trimmed so that he doesn’t look scruffy. In the photo he is due for some trimming. He actually loves a bath which he gets about every two weeks beginning in late spring and throughout the summer. 
Now people say, “he sure is a cute little mutt. Where did not get him?”  Kippy was simply a stone in the rough that needed a little polish to turn him into a jewel. 

Post and photographs – Yvonne     



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26 thoughts on “Kippy- “A Jewel in The Rough” (rescued from local shelter) Original post-11/29/11

  1. tchistorygal says:

    Awww I can’t help but love both Kippy AND YOU! You are so patient. Our little Kalev has been a joy. She found us, and I tell her story on my blog so I won’t bore you with it here. She has been with us for three years, and is the best dog in the world. I got my mom a rescue dog when she was in the hospital one time. My husband and I had gone to a home show, and when I came to see her at the hospital that evening they said they were going to let her go later that evening. I told her that I had found Petey. She immediately knew who and what Petey was, and asked where he was. I told her that he was at the home show which was closing in just a few minutes. Her response, “Well go get him!” So I did, and the nurse at the hospital said, “Bring him up here so we can see him.” So Petey came home to a hospital. He was adorable, and lived with Mom until she had to move into a care facility, then stayed with Mom’s roommate. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

    • Marsha, I beleive with all my heart that a dog or cat knows when they have been saved. Rescues always seem to make the best pets. I have not had time to read Kalev’s story but I will get around to it. I have so many things going on at the moment that I about nuts-o! Have to get the virus off this computer- at least I think that is the problem.


  2. We adopted our beloved rescued dog, Maggie, ten years ago, so we loved Kippy’s story. Maggie had been tied up in and left in the back yard when the family moved. It was in June in Kansas, and they’d left her with two Cool Whip containers for dry food and water. Both were empty when our son-in-law found her. He’s a police officer, and he followed up and found them. We’ve never had a better, more loving or lovable dog!

    • I am glad to know that your s-i-l found the dog that you adopted. She knows that she was saved from death. Found or rescued dogs make such good pets. I think they are grateful for being saved. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. sweetmarie says:

    Hi, I’ve been running behind in blog land. Hope you are doing very well.
    Kippy is adorable! Your story reminds me of when I found my Rocket. 🙂
    I can just picture Kippy with all his self confidence just strutting around your
    yard happy, free and shining!
    Here in Florida someone put a little 13 yr old dog in a crate out to the trash! Luckily
    he was found before picked up by the garbage trucks! I hope they find who did it!
    How awful!!! He did get adopted and that is wonderful!
    Hope December is good to you.:)

    • Hi Marie. Thank you for commenting. I am not getting any notices of any posts from you. I will look at your site to see if you have posted anything that I might have missed.

      It is a sad, sad story that anyone who had the 13 year old dog would put it in the trash. Thank God that someone found the poor thing and that the doggie is now in a safe and loving home where he/she can live out whatever time it has left in this cruel world.


  4. I can tell by Kippy’s expression that he is a good dog. Brought a tear to my eye, because for some reason it made me think back to a dog I had twenty years ago. He always sat by the door to my weaving studio, while I worked, and he was a good guard dog.

    Thanks for your comments about selling my work, but I just do it for my own experience. I did sell my art in the form of weaving for decades, plus had a shop selling the work of others, and I did shows. I just want art for my own enjoyment now. Honestly, I’m such a dreamer to want to live in a world without money. I am doing several portraits of people though. And, I just started signing my name to what I do.

    • I am so glad that you liked Kippy’s story and picture. I am like you- When I think of pets that are now gone, I cry for easily when thinking about what a good dog they were or the cute things that they once did.

      It is wonderful that you are signing your name to your art now. You are too good not to take credit for the work that you have put into all of those drawings. I realize the amount of work that goes into producing a portrait such as those that you are showing. People think that if you can draw or paint that it is easy but it is not something that you just slap onto paper, Ipad or canvas. Ypou are passionate about what you are putting on your blog.

  5. Andrew says:

    Hmmmm. Another one that didn’t show up in the feed but you can’t escape. I came looking for you. Another wonderous tale of compassion and bewilderment. Compassion from you but bewilderment from me as to how people can abuse and disown a pet in such a way. We have out fair share of trials with Lulu behaviourally but she is showered in affection (probably too much) and we would never give her up. (Lulu is coprophagic). I don’t think I could ever describe Kippy as handsome but probably stuffed full of personality. Lovely post.

    • Thanks Andrew. No, Kippy really is not a cute dog. I have often said that he is so ugly that he is cute. He does his share of being a good watch dog. As I write,he is lying in a chair at the kitchen table to be near me.

      Lulu is like your child. Probably better in some ways than a human. Even with her “bad side” she is still precious to you and your wife, who you have mentioned, adores her liitle one. Dogs simply bring a new dimension to one’s life. They entertain you and love you with devotion.

      I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect dog. We love them with all of their flaws and learn to deal with those flaws just as we do with humans in our life.

      Thank you for the nice comment.

    • I failed to mention that other people are not getting my posts either. Do you not get an email notice? I really appreciate that you like my posts enough to look for a new one. Thank you.

  6. Kippy, you are an adorable little dog ! Beautiful eyes and fur and ears and smile 🙂 You are also a lucky dog. What a happy day for you when sweet Yvonne walked into that shop and took you home. Thanks for sharing another touching story.

    • Thank you, Isa for reading Kippy’s story. As I type this note, Kippy is lying, flat on his abdomen. His head is down and now and then he looks up at me if I call his name. One dog is under my chair and another is under the kitchen table. I never get loney for my pets give back to me what I intially gave to them. That is a home that privides security and undivided love. I apprecaite your very nice comment.

  7. You have such a big heart, and lots of understanding and patience!! I’m so glad for Kippy’s sake, and so glad there are people like you in the world! ❤

  8. A part of my heart broke reading about Kippy’s pitiful reactions. It made me wonder what he must have endured before coming to you. Yet today, he is thriving and flourishing under your wise and loving care. I grew up with a menagerie of dogs from my earliest childhood and this story called out to a very deep part of me. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Sharon

    • Thank you for reading the story of Kippy. Such kind words and it is good to know that you grew up with a menagerie of dogs. I believe that my children are kinder, gentler, and more humane individuals because they grew up with pets. It is also nice to know that Kippy’s story evoked memories of your childhood. Do you have a pet/s for your children? I can not remember (I read through your blogs more than a month ago) if you have one or two children.

      Thank you for subscribing to my blog, Sharon.

      Best regards,

  9. Lottie Nevin says:

    What a heart warming story 🙂

    I’m so sorry not to have spotted this before, for some reason your posts have not been coming up in my reader or email? I’ve had to do a bit of a google search to find you again 😦 I hope you don’t think that I have forgotten you! Far from it Yvonne. You really are such a lovely lady, your dogs are so fortunate to have found you. You must be very patient but it really has paid off with Kippy. I love that you said that Kippy was a stone in the rough that needed a little polish to turn him into a jewel.

    • Lottie, I had a long comment to you- not to worry- other people are not getting notice of new posts either. I sort of went off in another direction but still related and when I hit the return button- it all “flew away. Maybe more to come later via a comment to you and maybe not. I can not get to your post just yet. I am way behind in pet chores and trying to catch up. I am already tired so might have to rest a bit. Need to make a run to the vet to get flea meds (topical)> Thought I had plenty and I don’t have enough.


  10. exiledprospero says:

    Yes, and they are all potential jewels…

    • I knew that you would agree about the dogs becoming jewels if the owner/person is patient enough- all pets have potential just like many people.
      Thanks for the comment, Prospero.

  11. TexWisGirl says:

    oh, that is sweet. you have the patience he needed to shine. 🙂

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