Iron Horses- Out to Pasture


Iron replica of a foal out in the pasture

I happened to see this iron sculpture on some property owned by a veterinarian whose clinic is in the country about 12 miles from the town where I live. I think these iron horses are unique. The pictures turned out okay but the time of day was early afternoon so the light is not the best. If I knew how to use Photoshop, which I installed on my computer, maybe I would be able to improve the lighting some.

The veterinarian who owns the property where the iron horses stand has a large and small animal practice.. She sees a significant number of horses in this area. There are several horse farms that raise primarily quarter horses and there are many individuals that own one or more horses. 

Other equines consist of a donkey that might be the  herd protector of the cattle, sheep, or goats. If the herd is large there might be 2 donkeys. I just do not have any pictures of donkeys for I have yet to see any near enough the road to get a decent picture.

Post and photographs Yvonne

A different kind of iron horse


4 thoughts on “Iron Horses- Out to Pasture

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    That’s a great iron horse. I have never seen one like it.

    • Yes, I have to agree with you. I thought the iron horse is/was unique. I have no idea who made it for the veterinarian. She treats lots of horses an also has a small animal practice.

  2. exiledprospero says:

    My purpose is, indeed, a horse of that colour (Twelveth Night). But, it is a fascinating piece, Yvonne–one that will outlive many horses too, I suspect.

    • Prospero, thank you for commenting. Yes, an iron horse for those of us that do not care for the real deal. I had 2 mares once upon a time and they both lived to 29 or 30 plus years. I fell from one of them in my twenties and my back has not been the same. I stopped riding for fear that I would reinjure my back. I think horses are wonderful creatures but there are too many who will someday end up on the plates of the Japenese and the French. Disgusting thoughts.

      I had a pic of an iron foal but that was deleted when wordpress was acting up but now seems okay. I will maybe add the foal to that post- sooner or later.

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