Daily Archives: November 17, 2012

Just Dog Photos

Puppy:  Border Collie x Australian shepherd  (my favorite dog.) A rescue also.

Rocket 10/2011


Dancer Smiling as she waits for a cart ride

Dancer is “smiling” in this photo. She is one one smart cookie and is an excellent watchdog. She is a rescue from a Ft. Worth, Texas kill shelter. Dancer was rescued day prior to being euthanized. I will never be able to fathom how people can be so callous, selfish, and cruel toward an animal that will love you as no other being can.


Mixed breed (mutt)

                                      Gweenie was my dog for about 2 years. When my sister’s dog died, Gwenie went to live with my sister. 

Australian cattle dog

                                        Zoey was put over the fence into my yard as a puppy. She is an  EXCELLENT guard dog. Loves to play.        

Muddy holding a stick in his paws

                                           I found Muddy as a puppy  at 12mn on a cold night.  Please excuse the poor crop. (But I’ll leave it here.)