Some Photos of Butterflies and Flora (Slideshow)

There are a few things in my yard that look kinda pretty. Most of, if not all the photos are of plants that I  grow for the birds , butterflies, and wildlife. These pictures were all taken late summer and up to about the last week of October.  I continue to struggle with creating a slide show. I have way too many photos and folders and I find that I am still hunting for certain pics. I  must get organized. Yep, I know what my problem is,  I just don’t know how to fix it. I do know that I love far too many of my photos that are not all that good. Therefore I must learn to delete more, right?

Note: Did you read that LouAnn? Organized to some reasonable degree. Obviously I am deficient in that category! 

slide show

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35 thoughts on “Some Photos of Butterflies and Flora (Slideshow)

  1. wonderful images you have here. and thanks for the visit.

  2. katrinaedwards says:

    I love your photos Yvonne!
    bring in more and share all that you’ve got..I’m sure there are more lovely photos to come…

  3. Just Rod says:

    I really enjoyed your slide-show – the photos are beautiful.

    • Thank you. But I could not find a viable blog site for you. When I clicked it said that your blog had been deleted. My photos are not as good as I would like. I intend to get a prime lens which will sharpen the photos.

  4. exiledprospero says:

    Beautiful pictures, Yvonne. Lantana grows profusely here too– and attracts many butterflies.

    Barring an unforeseen complication, my butterfly (see how appropriate this is to the topic in hand) should arrive next week.

    • Prospero,
      Thank you. Lantana is such a hardy plant and it does not need lots of moisture -if conditions are dry then a drink now and then will benefit it greatly. Are you taking any butterfly pics? If not I wish that you would. I know those would be as good as the photos of the flowers that you grow.

      And, I am glad that soon your new little dog will have her home with you. Please take some pics of her and post them. I think it would be enjoyable for your readers.

  5. Northern Narratives says:

    Wow, I love your butterflies. Thanks for giving me a smile this morning 🙂

  6. sweetmarie says:

    Your slide show has brightened my day! Very beautiful, thanks!

  7. Lottie Nevin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! wow, wow, and wow again just in case you didn’t get it the first time! Very impressed with your slide-show, and I especially love the butterfly pictures. Looking forward to seeing more. Lottie

    • Well wow to you- for being so nice to boost an old woman’s ego. Some of those photos I did not think were that good.I could not get rid of after I put them for slide viewing. It was really hard for me to try to get it right. Butterflies were the best- I have to agree. Thank you.

      I really dig your humor. Don’t know if you aim for funny or not but you are. Very good writing. You should put that all into book form some day and publish.

  8. TexWisGirl says:

    the queen butterfly is one of my favorites. beautiful.

    • Thank you for the nice comment. The queen is also one of my favorites. I have more butters but I am not sure of the names. Think I’ll put them out there for viewing anyhow.

  9. organized is fast becoming a four letter word for me – lololololol
    Love the slide show – each image is like a tiny work of art!

    • You are too nice. It is a good thing that only pets heard me as I was trying to get that slide thing right. Once you have the pics in the gallery I don’t know how to get rid of those that I saw just were not up to standard for me. Yep- I thought that if I were not so disorderly- then I would not be wasting so much time and working so hard to make that dang thing look better. I feel like an idiot with this wordpress thing. The instuctions are not made for dummies and older people- sad to say but I am slow on the uptake- always have been.

      • my youngest son helps me with my dilemmas–I am not too fast on the uptake

        • Lucky you. My son knows a bit but he doesn’t know enough to help me with computer problems.

        • Louann, I can not believe that you are not quick to learn. All of your writing is so very thoughtful and insightful, and I could go on and on. Of course I am new as a fan but feel that I have known you for a long time even though we are not of the same age group.

        • I bet we are close to the same age group–but when my son shows me something, it is zip zip zip and he is done and does not realize I did not catch what he was doing
          –it is funny how we make good friends in the blog world and how we just really seem to connect to some people

        • I appreciate the support that you have so graciously given to me. It means a great deal. And I am glad that we found something that helped us connnect (have no idea why we like each other). I almost passed your blog up thinking that you would be a snob or worse. Really. I use really a lot. Always have.

          Yvonne (My name was picked from Yvonne of the Dionne (sp?) quints. I have always felt an affinity for Canada because of my name. Strange and not logical. My maiden name is french.

        • We have so much in common–my maiden name and the name I hyphenate with is French, and I know what you mean by ageism–I seem much younger than I am, probably because my kids are in their twenties.
          I am on the cusp of 60, and like you, feel young for my age–I once had the prejudice you speak of in a way, but I also have great respect for my elders so I think it balances out. Now I am an elder–weird eh?
          Cool that you are named after the quints–my brothers named me after an actress or gymnast – the story keeps changing.
          I have a writers group and two of the women are in their late seventies and they are sharper than I will ever be.
          Glad you dropped me this note–we will chat again. LouAnn

        • Thanks for the long reply. I suppose when everyone is young there is some prejudice but I have always respected older people as you mention. But I respect all people and I will open a door for a man, woman, child, minorities,cats, dogs,(yes those creatures too) and allow them to go before me. I have had several people tell me that is a native Texan thing- don’t know about other cultures in other states.


        • such an interesting life you have–I won’t breathe a word about you being 45! Have to ask my brothers exactly who the woman was and where she was from –you would think this would be important to me

        • LouAnn you are nice and funny too. I actually think my life is pretty dull. Ask your brother, “just who am I named after, for, or whatever?”


  10. Very nice slideshow, Yvonne!! All of them are nice, but I especially like the butterflies. Lovely!

  11. Beautiful collections!!!

  12. Andrew says:

    A pretty impressive collection. I recognise some of the plants. Do I see Cotoneaster, Buddleia and Lantana? I think editing is tough. Only now am I getting hardened to using the delete button. It depends what you want the pictures for. These all look quite respectable to me. This is a labour of love and few of us are aiming at NatGeo.

    • Gee Andrew, how did you see those so fast. I barely had them posted- still editing the cotton-pickin post. I have better flora and butterflies pics to post. Think I am getting the mentality to make the slide thing work but I did not put any kind of label on them. The flora you got right is lantana. That is why slides needed info. I personally think the pics are enhanced with the black border and my pics, to me, seem sharper but I am not sure about that either. My eyes are not the best, need new glasses. My eye MD is american-chinese- my doc for about 20 years. He never seems to age. Thanks for such a nice comment.

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