The Dogs At Play (click on photos to enlarge)

I was off to a good start and then I don’t know what I did but then things went downhill  fast. But I don’t give up easily and I  WILL MASTER THIS IMAGE THING FOR A SLIDE SHOW. I think.   The Australian cattle dog plays rough. She goes for the hindquarters on the labs. Puppy the bobtail border collie x Australian shepherd  (he was born with a short tail) manages to play but yet is agile enough to not get in the thick of things. Kippy the little short brown and white dog merely observes. He is smart not to put himself in the midst of all the biting. The black and white border collie merely stood  ( he died in June, 2012 -age 13 1/2 years)  aside as if he were bored.   Photographs and post: Yvonne

Puppy: “I’m dog tired. I quit.’

19 thoughts on “The Dogs At Play (click on photos to enlarge)

  1. tchistorygal says:

    What fun!!! I am truly enjoying your blog. You have had all the same types of difficulties with blogging that I have. I hear it in your writing, and I sympathize. I need to stop reading and head on to bed soon. So I’ll say so long for now. See you soon. 🙂

    • I am known as a computer dummy. We’ll chat about all that later. 🙂

      • tchistorygal says:

        Well, to me it looks like you are doing fine. When I retired, our tech guy said that he cringed when he saw me coming because I always had problems that no one else ever had. I seriously worried about what would happen to me after work, but I have had help to solve my problems from WordPress and my blogging friends, and tutorials are helpful as well. 🙂 WordPress actually shut me down for most of a day because I blogged about spammers and copied their email address into the post. Before the circles quit spinning, my website was shut down. I wrote to them, and told them I was not spam, and they had me back and running in about 4 hours, and I’ve never been spam again! :0 Marsha 🙂

  2. exiledprospero says:

    Zoey…is that a dog or a gazelle?

    • I’m afraid I must admit…. Zoey is a bad-a– dog who (thinks she is a gazelle at times) I acquired after someone put her over the fence, when she was about 3-4 months old. My daughter wants me to “get rid of her- as in give her to somebody- re: I don’t need that many dogs.” Zoey is very attached to me and actually minds me quicker than even my favorite (Puppy- brown bob-tailed dog). I should add that all of them are good but just slower and more reluctant to return to me when I call. Zoey makes a bee line to me the moment that I call her name. She is also a dog that would protect me since she will go for any body part but especially the legs and the rear. She appears to be a full blood Australian cattle dog. (the old name was blue healer)

  3. Northern Narratives says:

    I like the fun and energy in your photos.

  4. sweetmarie says:

    It’s so wonderful that they’re all yours! You’ve probably seen my three pups. Two of them are rescues. Being an animal lover does get around! 🙂 What a wonderful reputation to have. 🙂
    Hugs to all your fur babies!

    • Marie, thank you for your comments. Well, yes I am known as the go to person for advice but not as much anymore since I am retired. And then there is, “my cousin or brothers’s dog had puppies and do you know anyone that wants a dog.” I got so sick of hearing that at work. People were not getting their animals spayed or neutered. There is even a low cost clinic in my town jsut for the the bully breeds. However, people are to lazy to avail themselves of something that is cheap. Plus there is another clinic that charges for services based on the person’s income.

      I have seen your dogs. Beautiful. I want/wanted to comment on your blog but I can not get a foot in the door. Apparently your site wants me to become a Google plus fan and I am not willing to go to all that trouble. I have tried to sign in with my yahoo account and then the page comes up (does not exist) I have encountered this many times on various Blogger sites and if the site has not been made user friendlly for bloggers that use various power sources then those sites I tend not to even attempt to follow. The-run-a-round ranch report is very easy to access and to follow. She is on Blogger and she made it so that her site is not a pain to follow. She has email notification set up for anyone no matter what power source they are using. I thought I would throw that in just because I would read your blog on a regular basis and comment- those are the facts maam. Maybe you might want to see about it or not.

      I appreciate that you click over to visit my blog. You really are a sweet person!


  5. Andrew says:

    That looks pretty rough Yvonne. Does anyone ever get hurt?

    • Thanks for commenting Andrew. No they don’t hurt each other or I would not allow them to play like that. I’ve allowed interaction such as that every time a new dog/puppy came into the fold. They accept each other faster and I don’t have to try to create harmony. They work things out among them selves of who is the top dog and that happens to be the brown dog with the bob tail who is the oldest. Some of the dogs don’t get into the play fighting ring- they stand back, watch, and bark. Sort of like fans that watch boxers in the ring. My old border collie never wanted to play but he would stand near by and once in a while bark a few woofs and that was it.

    • Thanks for taking a look. Yes, my bunch of hound dogs remind me of kids playing rough only the dogs seems to know how hard to bite without hurting each other. If one gets to rough then that dog will let the biter know.

  6. sweetmarie says:

    they’re all so cute! can you tell I’m getting sleepy?? lol

    • I figured you should be in bed by now. I think you are an hour ahead. I just keep odd hours and usually late ones. I work better at night although you can not tell from that shabby looking post. I could not get the pics to do what I wanted and I was so mad at myself. Thanks for the double comment.

  7. sweetmarie says:

    There all so cute! Looks like they’re having so much fun playing!
    Are they all yours?
    Hope you’re enjoying your week.:)

    • Yep! They ae all mine and I feel safe having that many dogs. They are all rescues: 2 from kill shelters, two from individuals who did not want them anymore, one found at hospital where I worked and the other from an apartment complex where she had been thrown out on a cold February day. One was put over the fence into our yard- as a puppy (word I suppose gets around about animal lovers). I love them all and they all obey very well. I have one that is my most favorite- brown dog with the bob-tail named Puppy. The black and white border collie was euthanized in mid June, 2012. I got him when he was seven or eight years old. He lived to be 13 and one-half years old. They are better than having a gun although I have a gun as well. I know how to shoot (grew up on a farm and my husband was a hunter but I did not hunt- hate the thought of hunting. Thanks for commenting Marie. I appreciate every time that you take a look my way.

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