The Problem With The Problem? Computer Challenged?

I had/have a problem with WordPress and my computer. I had h—  getting the Foundlings Four photos to work in a slide show the way that I intended. I worked and worked with the cotton-pickin pics for over an hour plus. I am apparently (aged) and (computer) challenged for I could not get the slide show to work as I wanted. So, when I have time, I need to practice again and again and again!!!!  The story below is rather long and detailed. Just skim over,  you won’t miss much. I need to work on some of these long stories  as well and condense -sort of like Readers’ Digest style or even less.

That old saying that less is better, I think  is true where blogs are concerned. But when I initially began writing these pet stories I had not intended them for Internet viewing. Pet stories were over in Word Process and my dear daughter suggested that I write a blog. She believed that I needed some kind of shock,  in the form of rentless suggesting to get over the shock of what my changed life was doing to me. The answer was grief therapy, in the form of writing. So she decided that blogging on her web site would help me tremendously. Well- it did to a degree. What she suggested created a monster in the form of an addiction. So any young people out there that are planning your parent/s activities be careful. You might get more than what you expected.
Now, my daughter says that all I do is blog writing,  editing photos, and piddling with my camera. What does this child of mine want me to do? I have thought of several answers and I am sorry but I am not the knitting kind.  I am not into social groups, wine tasting tours, travel, or card playing, I don’t like to rock unless it is to dance to “rock and roll.”  I no longer watch  TV and I am not a real social kind of person.  So if any if you out there care to offer some suggestions, fire away. So now my daughter says I have a problem. Well, I think I do. The perceived problem actually became a problem.
The Foundlings Four follows this brief interruption of irrelevant complaining.
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14 thoughts on “The Problem With The Problem? Computer Challenged?

  1. Just Rod says:

    Hi: I am fairly new to wordpress too. I just bought and am reading “WordPress, the Missing Manual” you can get it from Amazon. I have already found out I knew more than I realized but also a number of tips for making my blog and posts better. It gives you very clear instructions on how to do things like make slideshows. Well worth the under twenty dollar price tag.
    It is amazingly addictive – but I have been amazed at the contacts from people from all round the world – and find so much of interests in their posts.
    Loved the pictures of the dogs playing. Its great to see dogs just enjoying being dogs!

    • Thank you for letting me know about the Missing Maual re: wordpress. Yes, blogging is addictive. It tends to boost one’s ego-at least a bit. But getting back to I was blogging on my daughter’s web site beginning in 10/2010 and then she did not want to keep blog site going so I began my own. Now she had I suppose her own domain because it was just plain wordpress. I paid $100 for my blog site and I keep getting messages that I can get my own domain. Only thing is I am afraid that I will not have the same support when I change and I will probably need a web person to help me at first. When I was on my daughter’s web site I could post pictures with ease and I could put a frame around them that would stay. This silly thing puts a frame around some and if the cursor is moved the frame goes away or matt if you want to call it that. Anyway, I just had to throw all of that at you. Thank you again for liking my posts. I look forward to reading and viewing your posts.

  2. Margie says:

    I’m as much of a loner as I can be with a spouse and grown children. The thought of a social club makes me cringe! Photography and blogging sounds like much more fun – which is why I have an online photo-journal just like you do.

    • Margie, thanks for taking a look at my poor blogging style (hope to get it looking better). I believe that blogging probably fills the need to connect to people wihout having to leave your home, hut, or hovel, or no home at all. I enjoy it a lot.

  3. Northern Narratives says:

    Blogging is much better than TV 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment. You are right about TV. I also learn more about world and national news than I ever did watching tv. At least I think that I learn more.
      I see adults and kids that can not put their cell phone down. Then there are those who are constantly paying a game of some sort and they seem addicted to their particular “habit.” So, now I can not complain anymore- I have become one of “them.”

  4. TexWisGirl says:

    i often have to skim through longer entries – just because i read too many blogs. but i understand the computer frustration. and totally understand the blogging and photography addiction. i’ve rather turned it into my job these days. 🙂

    • I am glad that your blog and photography has become an addiction. That is all for the better, since we who follow you, are getting quality material. I am so glad that I discovered your blog. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Andrew says:

    You are ahead of me, Yvonne. I don’t know how to do a slide show on my blog. Blogging can be therapeutic and addictive. Yours is educational, entertaining and easy to read. Maybe your daughter is teasing you but I hope you carry on regardless. You don’t have to be sociable if you don’t want to. As we age we have the luxury of choice. My late aunt was encouraged in her 70s to go to the local social club. She dismissed the idea with the comment: why would I want to go there? It’s full of old people. She was a formidable lady. She used to throw things at the TV whenever Margaret Thatcher appeared on the screen.

    • Andrew, you are much too kind. However, I will take your words as a compliment. My kids (do not) see me as a little old lady. I am probably a lot like your aunt. I have never slowed down even at work and no one believed that I was my age. I keep telling myself how old I am but honestly I can’t figure out how I got this old. I attribute much to my German genes and my agility and work ethics from my parents. For one thing I don’t look or act my age. My animals keep me on my toes. I lift, tug, pull, stoop, and bend all day long. I have always said for years, “either my animals are keeping me alive or they are contributing to my early demise.”

      I really do not think my daugter is teasing. I can not get her to see what I have done with a blog of my own. She thinks I am missing out because I no longer watch TV. She is a fast reader and reads as she watches TV. So she is addicted to reading and especially the detective shows. I love photographing (have since my 20’s (off and on) and my only wish is to acquire a prime lens for my camera. Huge vet bills of last year and this year have eaten into my retirement check but my pets come first.

      I enjoy reading and swapping comments and replies with bloggers from all over the world. I enjoy reading what other people have to say and I really like the photos that are so good, such as yours. I am amazed at the talent that is in blogland/ blogsphere/blogville- whatever!


  6. Val says:

    It takes time to learn things here, don’t worry – do it a few times and you’ll soon get the hang of it. The main thing to remember with WordPress slideshows is to upload all the images and then, when they’re all there, click on ‘save all changes’ at the bottom of the image uploader. Then choose the slideshow option. Have a look at this:

    Oh and you can tell your child that your addiction is quite normal – nearly all bloggers get it! 😉

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