Cat Photos (click on one photo for slide gallery to open) November 2,2012

These cat photos are a re-post from back in January when I was writing the blog on my daughter’s web site. I am very busy with pet chores and need to put my energy on the pets for a few days.Post and photographs: Yvonne


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10 thoughts on “Cat Photos (click on one photo for slide gallery to open) November 2,2012

  1. exiledprospero says:

    These are all gorgeous, Yvonne. Which one ended up at the vet yesterday? What is the prognosis?

    • Thank you for taking a look and the compliment. The little cat that is last in the line up, named Addie (always takes a pretty picture) is one of two that are my most favorite cats. Her sister Nellie (not in thie group of pics) is the other most favorite.

      The other 4 in this set are my next favorites because I hand rasied then as well but I did not have any close-calls with these 4. I did with Addie and Nellie. Long story that I will about at some point.

      June,2011: I discovered less than a 2cm mass of 4th breast on left side. That was removed 6 days later, thanks to my daughter getting a rapid referral and all labs back quickly to get her okayed for surgery. Dr. Steve Kerpsack in Austin, a specialist in surgery did an in line mastectomy. The mass was an adenocarcinoma but there were no ca cells found in the lymph glands. Her type of ca does nto respond to chemo therapy so my best hope for Addie was 1-2 years and in rare cases if the mass is small, she could possibly make 5 years.

      I detected a very tiny mass (same side in inguinal area in late August. She had surgery for that mass September 4th, 2012. Extensive removal of tissue in that area was removed as well.

      This past Sunday I discovered another mass on the opposite side but low in the inguinal area but not on a breast (still has breast chain on rt side). Took her to my vet who I told to refer me again to Kerpsack only he was on vacation. On Tues. am my daughter finally looked at her phone text and called me at 9am. She told me to tell my vet to get me a referral to ER at Texas A &M vet school. I got there at 12:30pm and the vet that took her case was from New York City. (in Texas???)
      Very sweet young woman who told me after questioning, that A & M is at the top of their game and she chose the school/hospital to do her internship for dermatology. I had to leave Addie over night and plunk down 1000K. Total bill $1,150.

      Ok. So at 7pm (Tuesday) I get a call from the veterinarian and she said,”I have good news.” I said, “what?” and she repeats what she had just said. I told her I could not believe it. Then, what she told me was an embarrassment to me as a pet owner but she was all excited about what had been found. And, I was so elated.

      Are you ready for the answer? Well, I am one of those stupid people that would rahter err on the side of caution rather than listen to the vets. I knew Addie had some fleas but I was bathing her and flea combing her ,etc. But she was still getting some fleas as a result of the dogs that are in and out of the house and it is impossible to keep off all fleas(I am applying flea stuff orally and topically (oral med called Trifexis now) But on with the story. The lump/mass and the enlarged lymph gland on the right side is the result of a flea allergy. So, I said to Dr. L. “are you sure?” She told me that several biopsies were done of the lump and the lymph gland and all came back negative for the big C. So then my daughter told me she was laughing her a– off because i had not listened to her. Addie was started on one tiny dose of Prednisone (daily) and the vet gave her injection of convenia (an antibiotic) some Bupenex for mild sedation- to do the biopsies, and comfortis ( for fleas- apply every 30 days) that has now been approved for cats. (given to dogs only up until recently.

      Addie was happy as a lark to be home. She still scratches -rarely. Ate really well as she had been doing prior to all of the latest. Got a helper to help me clean bedroom throughly ( I have hardwood floors) so we mopped and moved furniture and cleaned that room from top to bottom yesterday.

      The bottom line is that the big C could be present inside her body some place lurking but I pray that I will have Addie for at least one more year and longer if she and I would be so blessed. Prognosis after the last surgry was guarded which means (there is none). The vet that did her surgery told me that she had “done exceptionally well to have lived this long.” So, the ca in animals is the pits just as it is in humans. Some of the cancers in dogs and cats respond fairly good to chemo, etc. and it is a huge fear of mine. It is easier to take if my pet is not a favorite and if she had been a non favorite I would have had to throw in the towel. I am far from wealthy- I just live simply and my luxuries are my computer, camera, and my pets
      That’s all! A long and rambling story. Aren’t you sorry that you asked?


      • exiledprospero says:

        Oh, Yvonne, thank you for all the details. Addie is a sweetheart.

        I know all about acaricidal preparations since my puppy (well, young adult) must be treated with a flea and tick formula before entering the country. It must be applied 10 days before arrival and must have a residual effect (1 month). It’s just a bit of gel applied to the back of the neck. A three months’ supply is about $40.

        I’m glad that is was only a flea allergy, but sad that you had to spend so much to find that out!

        Now, you know that I am not a vet… but do me this favor: research curcumin on the internet. Curcumin is very useful in the treatment and prevention of cancer in humans. Some report having success with cats and dogs. Western medicine often overlooks these natural substances. But you should make up your own mind about it.

        • Will send you an email perahps tomorrow re: curcumin and some added things that I did not put in the long reply of why I did not put flea med on her. Crazy rationale. I feel my long replies might be a bit much for the blog. Really thought about it as I was typing. Thank you for the info.I will “Google-it.”

        • Comfortis is an oral anti flea and tick preventive (given per mouth). I wrote above that the med is applied. Vast difference. This med was recenlty approved for use in cats, formerly only approved for use in dogs. Pharmaceutical company is Elanco. A six months supply was dispensed and it cost me $76. I am sure that where you are meds for people and animals are probably cheaper- In Canada and Mexico for sure. What a shame that all the med companies are ripping off, Americans.

  2. To Northern narratives: Thank you for liking the pics.

  3. TexWisGirl says:

    they’re all beautiful.

  4. They are all so adorable! Thanks for visiting..

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