The Pit Bull Puppy With Parvo (a deady disease if not treated)

Fostered Pit Bull puppy

The puppy in this  photo is one that I fostered in January and February of this year. He went to a rescue group in Austin,Texas after he was deemed hale and hearty. I did not get a pic of the puppy that I wrote about in this post. I still think about Spotty. He was a really fast learner and a very good natured dog. I hoped and prayed that he was adopted by a responsible person.

Friday, February 24th I had an appointment with a medical specialist who sees patients at a satellite clinic in Marble Falls. This clinic is much easier on my nerves so that I don’t have to drive I-35 to get to Austin.  Marble Falls is approximately 55-60 miles from Austin so Dr. D. asked me to bring the young woman who helps me with bathing and grooming my pets. As usual I needed a driver because of an old knee injury that prevents me from driving more than about 30 miles. So Brandi, my driver, a sick pit bull puppy, and I arrived at Dr. D’s house about 2:45pm. Brandi set to work on grooming Dr. D’s dogs.  Dr. D. began working on the sick pit bull puppy that had been diagnosed with parvo at a clinic in the town where Brandi lives.

It happened to be a warm day so we used the tailgate of my pickup truck as a make shift exam and treatment area. My driver watched as Dr. D. shaved a spot on the right foreleg of the puppy and quickly inserted a needle and cannula and then hooked the IV line to a liter of Ringer’s Lactate. She bolused about 60-70 ml ( I’m not sure how much was initially given) and then hooked the bag of fluids to a make shift IV stand. She then gave the puppy two injections- one of Serena and one of Reglan. These two injections were to slow/prevent nausea and vomiting. She also gave the puppy an injection of Bupenex to ease the stomach pain that is associated with parvo and an injection of Baytril which is an antibiotic. Within just a few minutes we could see a noticeable improvement in the puppy.  (Hydration and pain med made a huge difference). He was much more alert and had relaxed his body position. He looked almost like a new puppy but she warned that he could possibly still die even though he seemed not so ill. The IV was clamped off and he was then put in the large cat carrier and back into the warm truck.

Dr. D. gave Brandi written instructions for giving the meds and the fluids along with several cans of Purina EN.  

I am happy to say that by Sunday noon the puppy had almost returned to his former vigor and on Tuesday, Brandi said the puppy was back to normal. His (new Mom/owner) was ready to take him into her home again. I wish that I had taken some photos of the puppy but everything was so chaotic I did not even think about it.  Note see pic that is a puppy about the size of the sick one.

There is much more to write about concerning the parvo virus but that will be in another post. It is extremely important to treat a parvo  puppy with the right fluids for hydration and the right antibiotic that does not contribute to more vomiting, etc, etc. Rapid treatment at the onset of illness also makes a huge difference if the puppy lives or dies. Vaccination of any puppy should start at 6 weeks of age or as soon as your vet says it is time.

This puppy had been given his first 2 vaccinations so that may have helped with his body’s ability to respond favorably to treatment. 

Post and photograph: Yvonne


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9 thoughts on “The Pit Bull Puppy With Parvo (a deady disease if not treated)

  1. Office Diva says:

    I’m so glad this puppy made it. We got a black lab puppy once and we didn’t realize that he was ill; we just thought he was “sleepy”. By the time we realized that he wasn’t well, it was too late for the vet to save him. This is a very sad disease!!!

  2. Calee,
    Thanks for taking a look and liking the post about the parvo puppy.

  3. exiledprospero says:

    Drive carefully! I hope your cat will have a speedy recovery.

    I was asking about fostering because I know that I would find it hard not to get attached to the animal.

    • Yes, that is what happened to me. And I don’t want to ever foster again. I believe that both of us are sentimental. I am overboard in that department and consider it a weakness.; Not a good thing to be.

      I returned from the university and my little cat is better already. At least she appears improved. I found someone to drive me- I was too tired by 2pm today and I knew I would be returning in the dark. I did not want to drive 100 miles alone on a darkened hiway. I am okay just very tired from all of the worry. I will write about my cat at some pont. Perhaps it will help someone else if they should encounter something akin to what happened with my little cat. Thank you for the concern and the comments.


  4. exiledprospero says:

    Spotty was in good hands, Yvonne. Have you heard how Spotty is doing now? How often do you foster pets?

    • Proepero, thank you for reading and commenting. I have not heard anymore about who adopted him. I really loved that little dog and my daughter threatened to dis-own me if I kept the puppy. I turned him over to a young woman at my vet’s wife, insistance, who told me that (blank) was reliable and that she drove pits to Austin all the time and turned them over to a rescue place. I later found that she took him to a shelter that according to the young woman adopted out the dogs to “good people.” I feel that I was duped and at some point I will write you an email about it. I think it was all a bunch of BS but I can not prove it. It is just a feeling that I have. I did not want to foster him- knew that I would get attached. He was pretty much shoved on me. First and only dog or cat that I will ever foster. I have a post about the ordeal and I will bring it up from archives for posting and then you can read the story.

      Please excuse errors and typos.I am in a hurry- have to drive to Texas A & M to pick up mmy cat. I plunked $1000 yesterday but the news was good as of 7pm last nite when vet called. “They” are still piddling around with her and I am waiting for them to call me. It is now 1:50pm CDT. It is aobut 100 miles from where I live.

  5. sweetmarie says:

    I’ve never had a dog with Parvo, but I’ve heard stories. I’m so happy this had a happy ending! Spotty has such a sweet face! How lucky he was to have your help. 🙂
    Hope you have a fun Halloween!!!

    • Thank you Marie for your comment. I have never had a dog with parco either. The little pit that I wrote about was one of a litter the the young groomer had fostered and he got sick after she adopted him to a family. He had had 2 rounds of vaccinations so that is most likely the reason that he responded quickly with some help from my daughter. I am very fearful of parvo but especially distemper which is about 90% deadly are even greater. There is really not much treatment for distemper.

      I will be driving to Texas A & M veterinary school today to pick up my cat that I took yesterday. It is abpout 100 miles from where I live. I’ll be writing about that at some point. If you read the comments under JUSt CAT PHOTOS you will see what I am talking about. There is too much info to type again.

      Be careful on your Halloween. I don’t do Halloween but I am gald that other people get such a big kick out of it. Some people have more fun that a “barrel of monkeys.”


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