Annie, the Aussie Clown- Learned How To smile (Monday, October 22,2012 @1016am)

 You can find Annie’s  rescue story in the category The Vets Pets

Annie has the stocky build of an Australian shepherd but to me her ears are not quite right.  But everyone that meets Annie thinks she is a pretty dog. And for the most part she looks like an aussie. Her coat is a beautiful russet red and that color is sort of rare among aussies. 

Since she is my grandpet, I’ve been around Annie a fair amount of time. During one of my visits in early  summer I noticed that when she wanted my attention she would show her teeth as if in a ” smile.” I under estimated Annie’s intelligence.  A few times a day when ever Annie wanted to be petted, “I would say smile for grandma,” and Annie would dutifully obey.

Well it seems that after I returned home she began performing her new trick for my daughter. Not long ago I was visiting again and my daughter said,” Mama you turned Annie into a pest. She shows her teeth where ever I go and wiggles and gets in my way until I give her some pats on the head. I finally sort of broke her of that because it became down right annoying.

The problem with Annie is that once she learns something she contiunues to ” act out” what ever she learned as a means of gettting more attention.  Sort of like a kid that learns something new and keeps it up all day.   


Annie, a smart Australian Shepherd

Annie loves playing with this orange toy

Annie looking dreamy-eyed in this pic. (Required sedation for grooming)

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10 thoughts on “Annie, the Aussie Clown- Learned How To smile (Monday, October 22,2012 @1016am)

  1. Linda Royal says:

    That first picture says it all. Look at those eyes. She is ready to go…and do whatever you want her to.

    • Linda, thank you so much. I am pleased as punch that you have returned to take a look at this “little ole” blog written by this little old woman! Have you subscribed so that you get a notification via email when something new is added?

  2. sweetmarie says:

    She is absolutely beautiful! She really catches your eye in the last photo, she says a lot with those eyes. I would love to hug her!

    • Thanks Marie, for commenting. I will tell my daughter that a lot of people think that Annie is a pretty dog. As you wrote, she would love that hug. She is very much a people dog, but she can be a great watch dog if the need arises. She literally squeals and dances with delight when anyone visits that she knows. I have never seen a dog that is so eager to be petted. PS- SHE DOES get lots of attention from her mama.

  3. She’s so charming! Watching your Annie portraits put a big smile on my face 😀

  4. Andrew says:

    She looks beautiful. Her eyes should warm anybody’s heart.

  5. TexWisGirl says:

    she’s beautiful.

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