Idiots Who Reference Animals in an Idiom -October 21, 2012 @2353 (11: 53pm)


Muddy: “Cooked as a dog’s hind leg” (There is meaning in this idiom).

An idiom is sort of  a manner of speaking slang- at least this is my thinking. I learned just about all  of these so called idioms as I was growing up on a farm in central Texas.

Some of these old sayings just add a little something when chatting with relatives or friends. I still use some of these in what I call my everyday vocabulary.

Anyway to get back to the use of animals in our idioms.  Maybe humans are the idiots and dogs are the more intelligent ones.

There are quite a few  more old sayings that I did not include. Does anyone out there care to add some that you have heard about or use?? Please send in some comments if you do or just plain comment.


Gone to the dogs

In the dog house

My dogs are barking

Dog tired

Dog days of summer

It’s a dog’s life

Call off the dogs

Meaner than a junk yard dog

Sicker than a junk yard dog

Let sleeping dogs lie.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Crooked as a dog’s hind leg

They dogged me all day.

Looks like something that the dogs drug (or is it dragged) up and the cats wouldn’t eat.

This dog don’t hunt

I’m dog tired

My dogs hurt

He who runs with dogs catches fleas 

It’s a dog eat dog world out there

Every dog has his day

The dog that barks the most is not always the one that bites

He was all bark and no bite


Post and photograph: Yvonne

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2 thoughts on “Idiots Who Reference Animals in an Idiom -October 21, 2012 @2353 (11: 53pm)

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    i think some of the sayings are rather quaint. 🙂

    • That post was something that I grabbed and that I could quickly add a pic to. I edited and cropped and sorted photos to file in folders for most of the day. (Sunday) Still not finished. That post was from almost 2 years ago when I was on my daughter’s web site. I’m not sure if I mentioned it somewhere but my daughter wanted me to blog on her site as a means of therapy for me after her dad died. Still have many posts that need to be reworked and to get rid of those things that inserted themselves in place of my photos when the web guy moved my stuff” from her wordpress site.

      Thanks for always being so faithful to comment. I appreciate your dedication in helping me out.

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