I Am Embarrassed -re: Incorrect Names of Butterflies

I have not taken the time to change the names of the butterflies that I had labeled as monarchs. One of the viewers, http://run-a-roundranch.blogspot.com/  by TexWisGirl over on Blogger, clued me in on the correct name.  And, also the names of the butterflies that I did not know.  She is a very talented lady who does detailed colored pencil drawings of birds, butterflies and takes great pics of the wildlife, barns, gates, pets, etc in her neck of the woods.

I hope to correct  the names  some time soon.  I am almost afraid to touch the photos because I lost some really good ones of Molly the squirrel dog as I was editing that post for publication. Those photos were some of the best of Molly and when I looked in the Media library they had not gone there nor could I  find the originals in my Microsoft folders. I am too put out about it. Maybe they will  turn up somehow. I will look again when I have more time to peruse the media gallery. I just had too much to do today. I was thanking folks for leaving comments and liking my blogging efforts. And, I in turn visited, read, and commented on these blogs as well.  It seems that I did this off and on all day between my animal chores.

Post and photograph: Yvonne

2 thoughts on “I Am Embarrassed -re: Incorrect Names of Butterflies

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    silly one! no need to be embarrassed! and you didn’t need to give me credit for anything! i just tend to try to learn birds and butterflies and a few blooms as i go from various websites. since i wasn’t raised in texas, i had to learn all sorts of things that were new to me here when i moved in my 20s. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words. But- I was raised by a german mother and french and german dad who believed that credit should be given where it is due. My friend said the emperor was a hackberry. I looked at the website you mentioned and I simply could not make up my mind if the emperor is a tawny or a hackberry. I think I might have pics of that one that I deleted. I need to bring those out of the trash and see if there are other marks that will help with its identity. The other she was in agreement with you and I could see that it is a buckeye. I looked at the queens and I can not understand why I said those were monarchs. I just never bothered to look them up for I could not find a decent site guide. I photographed 2 butterfly species today. One was very tiny plus I could not get near to either one. I wasn’t wearing any knee boots so I just stood on my little cart and used the 200mm on them. I am sorry this is so long. Still have not changed the names- But will do so.

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