The Squirrel Patrol Dog (Click for slide show) No. 1





 Photographs by Yvonne   


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12 thoughts on “The Squirrel Patrol Dog (Click for slide show) No. 1

  1. Oh Molly, what concentration!

    • Thanks for the Molly comment. She enjoys the squirrels since she doesn’t have the pleasure of being a “real” retriever. The one thing about Molly and her “looks” is that she always “just looks good” while looking! Yes, I know that was a bad sentence with all of the “looks”. I think I was trying for a pun or something to that effect.

  2. TexWisGirl says:

    she’s beautiful! totally my kinda dog! 🙂

    • Thank you re: Molly. She was found as a puppy near my property. I have another chocolate lab that I found as a puppy at VA where I worked for years. He was near my explorer when it was very cold and misting rain. Muddy is huge. Both of the labs are excellent watch dogs.

  3. sweetmarie says:

    P.S. I’m your newest follower. 🙂

    • Gee, that is great news. I am so happy when someone thinks my blog is worth their time and trouble. I must add something here. Many times I have attempted to comment on blogs that are on (Blogger) and too often it is next to impossible to make a comment due to the time consumming and difficulty of getting approved by the blogger’s word verification. I plan to visit your site and will also become your follower (hope it is not one of those word verification things).


    • Marie, thank you for becoming a follower. I apprecaite that very much. I think I joined your site if it was an easy one to get on. I will check on that.

      I have to tell you that some of the sites on Blogger and Blogher apparently do not want by business. The sites tell me that my email address is not corect (same one that I have had for years) and/or I can not pass word verification no matter how hard I try.

  4. sweetmarie says:

    Hi, I just found you on TexWisGirl’s blog. Your blog name caught my eye, if you visit my blog you’ll understand why. 🙂
    Your pup is just gorgeous! I have three pups. 🙂 And I’ve done a bit of wildlife rescue in my time. I want to tell you that it’s very sweet of you to trap and release the squirrels. Even though I live in Orlando we have hawks dropping in to take our birds and squirrels. I have now learned to use my son’s little air soft gun. They are plastic pellets and it just makes enough noise to scare the hawks off for a bit. What you were doing with the bags wasn’t stupid at all. 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • Thank you for commenting. I appeciate you looking at and reading my little post. Those pics of Molly are not the best that I had on the original post which was moved from my daughter’s ( web site. She wanted me to write as a means of therapy after her Dad died so I blogged on that site for not quite two years. (I had visitors but they just would not comment).

      A web master moved all my blogs over to my own site and some of the things did not move as you will see if you happen to go back and look at some of the categories. I am still working on deleting ( which took the place of many of the photos. Weird to say the least.

      I plan to get one of those soft pellet air guns that you wrote about. I miss not feeding the birds so I might try putting out food again- maybe hang a feeder under the car port where the chickadees and titmice I know will come to eat.

      I’ll ask my son to “find one of those soft air guns” for me. Sounds like a good idea. One of the red shouldered hawks was in the lower yard today looking for prey. They are relentless.


  5. Squirrels are very rare here in Amsterdam, I’ve never seen any.. (The one I posted today was taken in Stockholm.) Nice pictures of Molly, she’s cute!!

    • We learn so much from other bloggers. I had no idea about the lack of squirrels in Amersterdam. Thank you for Molly’s compliment. I wrote a long reply on someone’s blog that I lost the good pics (of Molly) that were on the original post. I can not find those anywhere. Makes me angry, but oh, well, I’ll get over it.

  6. To Pooja: Thank you for taking the time to (Like) my post about Molly the squirrel dog. I have visited your site and I find it interesting and beautiful.

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