Central Texas Ranch Without Hills (Reposted 9/28/2012)

Back in April of this year I accompanied my son to a ranch about 8-10 miles from his house. My son knew that I had not been on a “field trip” with my camera in a long time and took me to his hunting lease.
This ranch is in a somewhat secluded location.  We drove on a long gravel ranch road that is used by several ranchers. The road was rough with shallow gullies on each side. We went through three gates and the last gate was one that my son had built in exchange for a two year hunting lease. The lady of the ranch gave me a tour of her property. She provided a running commentary of the history and of her grandparents who were the original owners. Ms.P.’s yellow labs accompanied us on our tour and ran ahead of the electric cart that we were using. The dogs were in the creek swimming by the time we got to the water’s edge. Ms. P. was dismayed to see there was heavy algae growth where the water ran slow and shallow. Further down the creek where the water was deeper and swifter there was no algae growing.
I took as many photos as I could before the light was too dim. I came away with a few photos that are okay but not great.  So, my little field trip was not totally lost and I had a few enjoyable hours with Ms. P. as my guide. 
Post and photographs Yvonne

Reflections in the ranch creek

Post and photographs Yvonne

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