Cat Got Your Whiskers? (click to enlarge photos)

Frankie “The whiskers have it.”


Adorning whiskers adds to a cat’s beauty


Penny and her whiskers

Pretty white whiskers on a “tortie”



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Many Mammals have whiskers on the face, and of course Homo sapiens (aka humans). On a cat, whiskers essentially act as delicate sense organs which contain nerve endings that are similar to the fingertips of a human.

There are about 12 whiskers on each side of the face, arranged in rows of four.  Whiskers are present above each eye as well. The whiskers connect to muscle that is deep in the face. Cats use these as a measuring tool. This “tool” is a gauge of air movement, air current and air pressure. 

Actually cats can not see in total darkness but use their whiskers as a guide. One could say that whiskers are the seeing eye dog for the cat. Since the whiskers act as a gauge, a cat is able to slither through an opening that we humans can not fathom.

How many times has your cat or kitten managed to find a secrete hiding place? Have you looked everywhere in your house trying to find your cat?  Did you ever fear that somehow your cat managed to sneak through the door? Were you in a panic as you began to think the worse case scenario?

I’ve been “there and done” all the above. I’ve dashed out of the house as I called for my cat.  I’ve looked all over my property as I used a spoon to beat on a can of cat food hoping to get the attention of the escape artist. I  have searched every conceivable nook, cranny, and tree and then I have returned to the house.  After all of that I became angry and frustrated as I tried to figure out how I accidentally let my cat get away.  Actually I can’t begin to recall how many times this has happened.  I have cried over a missing cat and then suddenly found myself looking in disbelief as my wayward cat casually strolls past me. Most of the time I am not able to figure out where my cat has been hiding. Clearly a cat can get in the smallest place possible and is like a little Houdini.                                                                                    

Post and photographs    Yvonne