Photo Hodgepodge of Spring (May 8,2012 2:08am)



Buds = fruit

Fruit is such a pretty color

Birds dropped seed and this pretty native Cherry Laurel now grows in my yard

I am having too many problems posting my pics. Very frustrating. I have no idea what it will take to get all the kinks worked out. I can not meet with the web guy this week re: too many other irons in the fire. I had inserted 4 other pics but had to delete them because the captions did not go along with the picture. I’ll stop for now and try again tomorrow.

These are pictures taken in March, April, and early May. All photos are of plants growing on my property. Some are native plants that were dug from the wild. Others have grown from seed dropped by birds. Any time I recognized a seedling as native, I allowed it to remain where ever it came up.  Shrubs and trees that arrived as seeds seem to thrive better than anything I could have planted.

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