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Future Posts: Feline Infectious Peritonitis and Feline Leukemia

 I am still working on a post re: cat diseases. Dr. D asked me to write about Feline Leukemia and Feline Infectious Peritonitis. I have begun writing about each of these deadly diseases. She told me to make these short and I have great difficulty with brevity. These diseases are so depressing that I don’t have the “git up and go” to finish them.  FIP is fatal. Feline Leukemia is generally a killer also although there are some treatments that can buy the cat some time. Either way these diseases are depressing to write about. Many years ago, I lost several cats to Feline Leukemia. That was before the vaccine for that disease was available. The cats were all strays that had found their way to our house. All had been neutered or spayed and vaccinated for other cat diseases. Now there is a vaccine that is about 90% effective for Feline Leukemia. There is also a vaccine for FIP but debate is still on-going re: its efficacy.    

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A Cat in a “Tree” (Just Cat Photos No. 8) December 15,2011 12:59am

Bobbie, "Wow! What a view. I should do this more often."

Bobbie, “Hey, get your tail out of my way.”
Bobbie, ” I can watch the dogs from up here.”
Bobbie checking for options- pounce or not to pounce.

Bobbie playing hide and seek in the cat tree

 Bobbie is now about 13 years old. She still enjoys playing and loved looking through the peep hole. This was a new cat tree that I had bought at Pets Mart on black Friday, the big sale day after Thanksgiving. She was the first cat to check out the new tree right after I brought it into the house. She has been taking her little cat naps in this one just about every day.  

I featured Bobbie in a post about the Manx cat. I can’t remember if I mentioned that this breed loves to play. Some cat’s desire to play diminishes as they age but Bobbie, even though she is s senior cat, continues to be very playful.  

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