Correction of Info Statistic for Dogs With Bloat (please re-read this article) 12/6/2011 5:50pm


This writer un-intentionally entered an incorrect number for a statistic. For dogs that have bloated, required surgery, and then had the stomach sewed to the wall of the abdominal cavity- the number of dogs that bloated again should have read approximately 6%. This has since been corrected but was done at approximately 3pm on December 6, 2011. I apologize for the error. (I did not proof read several times as I should have.)

Please note: Statistics vary a small amount in various reference articles that I read. The bottom line is to please know your dog, how to recognize the symptoms of bloat, and even if you are in doubt, DO NOT HESITATE. Get -Immediate- Help. Time is of the essence for a favorable outcome of this condition. Hopefully anyone that owns a dog that reads this is a responsible pet owner.

Post  Yvonne Daniel

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