The Rumpy and The Stumpy: The Manx Cat (click on photo to enlarge)

The  Manx cat originated on the Isle of Man which is an island located  in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland. It is considered an old breed, one that occurred naturally as the result of genetic mutation.

The first published breed standard was in 1903. Since that time the breed has grown in popularity as it became better known in Europe and in the United States. Folk lore has said that the cat is part rabbit since it seems to hop even when running. But there is no such thing as half rabbit and half cat.

The Manx is unique in many ways other than not having a tail or a partial tail. In formal cat shows the cat is only acceptable for showing if it is tailless- meaning there simply is no tail at all. The tailless specimen is often called a rumpy and a cat with a tail of about an 1-2 inches long is called stumpy. Then the tail thing  winds up with some cats that possess half of a normal length tail and these are sometimes called stubbies. Not all Manx cats are born without a tail. Some have normal tail length.

These cats love to play and are excellent mousers. It is said that ships of old kept a Manx cat on board to control the rat population. The Manx is also known for its intelligence and are very loyal to their owners.

A good specimen should have rear legs that are longer than the front legs which gives this kitty a high rump. All colors are found but an all white Manx is quite a rarity.

My own Manx is not anywhere near show quality. She is completely tailless although in the pictures she appears to have a puff for a tail. That fluff is just hair. She is smart and still loves to play even though she is not far from 14 years old. I’m not quite sure of her exact age as she came to me as an adult cat. She had been left outdoors to fend for her self when her owner moved away and left her behind.

Bobbie is a very sweet cat and is quite playful at times. She also tries to sneak outdoors and I must always be careful so I put her in a spare room or bathroom if there are people going in and out of the house.

I also have a stumpy and a stubby but I have not been able to get pics of them yet. I am going to really work at getting photos of the two males. Both of them, I think are handsome cats but one is semi-feral and the other one came to me as an abused cat who still is not very trusting of anything that looks new or different

To sum it up, the length of tail does not matter unless you are planning to show your cat. A cat is a cat. Each cat has personality just like people and I consider each cat unique regardless of the breed.

Post and photographs Yvonne Daniel  (please excuse pics- I need to edit them)

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