Shopping Smart on Black Friday For My Pets


This is not an advertisement for Pets Mart. It just happens to be where I buy most pet food and  I try to buy pet food when and where the sales are the best and I might have coupons that help out to a degree.  

I had never, ever gone shopping on black Friday. I am not one that likes crowds and I detest getting up at 3 or 4am in order to stand in line in an attempt to be among the first shoppers that file or cram their way into any given store. When I was still actively working in my life long chosen profession, I listened to the women around me talking about getting out of bed at what I considered ungodly hours after having worked until 12 midnight. All of this just to shop on the next day after Thanksgiving  to vie with other shoppers to rack up the best deals on the shelves. 

Well, getting back to my black Friday- I knew that there would not be that many people trying to make a mad dash through the doors to get a great deal for pet food, etc. Pets Mart opened the doors at 7am but I did not get there until 9:30am. I got just about everything that I came to buy. Fancy Feast was 45 cents a can and I got 5 cases ( should have gotten more), 3 large bags of  feline Purina One ) I had (3) $5 coupons for any Purina One food, 6 large bags of Purina One dog food, 3 medium size dog beds, one large dog bed ( for the 15 year old Border Collie), and 2 cat trees. Total amount was $486 . My only regret is that I did not buy more dog food which was $6 off; I think or there about. 

If you are reading from any country other than the USA, this might be the first time you are learning about black Friday- or maybe not. I just know it is one tradition that Americans, especially women, will not miss- it is a tradition for many families. Evidently some people relish and thrive on all of the excitement of catching a geat deal. 

But so much for the shopping and shoppers- the dog beds are for my cats with the exception of one that Rocket the Border Collie is now enjoying very much. Why get dog beds for the cats? For starters I get more for the bucks- the beds are sturdier and larger. Often 2 cats will share one bed. Some of them have buddies and sleep next to each other. The cats bask in the warmth of each other’s body heat. As for for me, I bask in the delight I get from watching my animals enjoy a tad of luxury. 

Zachary (lt) 16-17 years old, Momie (rt) 13-14 years old: Lazing in a new bed.

Sassy, "Gee I love this new bed our Mama got for us. ( Sassy is 15-16 years old)

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2 thoughts on “Shopping Smart on Black Friday For My Pets

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    if it wouldn’t be close to the malls, i’d consider shopping for pet food that day. 🙂

    • Thanks Theresa. This Pets Mart is not near a mall. It is just down from the camera store where I buy my cameara stuff. It happens to be in a small strip with an Outback steakhouse on a corner. All total in this little strip there are only 4 smaller stores. Pets Mart happens to be the biogest store. I try to buy when food prices are reduced, pet beds are on sale,etc. I have gone from Science Diet to Purina One, then Pets Mart brand of dog food. I now mix Purina One cat food with a cheaper version of Purina cat food. (about 1/2 and 1/2 of each) I still feed certain cats Purina RX diets that my daughter orders for me and saves me some money that way. I feed lots of pets but always try to feed the best that I can afford. The name brand stuff has gone crazy so they have lost quite a few dollars from me.

      When I went to Pets Mart that Friday there were hardly any people in there. I would not have gone in if the parking lots had been filled with cars. I simply will not torture myself and be around so many people that are half nuts or totally nuts. That day everybody had flockd to the malls to buy things that they did not need.

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