Thanksgiving. Eat The Bird But Don’t Let Your Pet Escape: (Part III)

Holidays are a great source of happiness, merriment, and excitement. Your  home can begin to feel like Grand Central Station not only for you but most of all , for your pet/s. Too many unfamiliar faces with children and adults as well that don’t give a second thought to standing in the doorway which then gives your beloved animal a means for escape from all of the commotion and ado.

These are just a few suggestions to keep Fido, Fifi, Mittens, and Muffet safe from harm. If you have a spare room by all means relegate your pet to a quiet sanctuary where your pet/s can relax in peace and comfort. A bed or beds, food and water bowl and a litter box for the cat or cats. Putting your animal in a spare or quiet room- bedroom, bathroom, laundry room or even a large cage in the garage will allow you to relax and have comfort in knowing that your pet/s will not be able to run outdoors where it likely will get lost. Unfamiliar noise and people cause pets to panic or seize the moment to escape through a door that has been left ajar.

Many people lose a pet during holidays, traveling, an illness, or anything that causes a disruption in their regular pattern of living. So do not be lax – take precautions to keep your pet safely indoors. One more thing. There has been a huge increase in the numbers of pets that are stolen from backyards, front yards, inside homes, etc. Don’t take chances.  Keep your eye on your pet and if it is an outside dog or cat- put your animal inside or in a large cage in the garage or just the garage itself ) if you possibly can.

There is so much grief involved if you lose a pet. Looking for a lost pet is hellish. I know because I’ve been there-done that! And I never did find my pet. 

Last but not least- this is a bit late for Thanksgiving but get your pet/s microchipped. This gives you just one more tool to recover your pet should it be taken to an animal shelter when lost.