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It’s Cold and the Library Book Sale Begins Today.

Last evening about 7pm or so a bonafide “norther” blew in with great gusto.  I knew the weather was changing for the cats and dogs were sleeping more than usual.  As soon as the chill found its way to our corner of Texas, I immediately felt better. The days preceding the norther had been rather hot- in the 80’s and and by mid-day the temperature had managed to gather momentum and I resorted to turning on the air conditioner.  In fact the AC ran all of September and October. Let me back that up some. The ac has been running since about mid-April. My electricity bills were huge this summer- more than any from the past We had about two days in October when we finally were blessed with about 3 inches of rain that helped drop the temperature for a brief 2 days.
Today starts the annual library sale and I plan to be there when the door opens at 10am. Book seekers on day one must plunk down $5 and that is more than okay with me even if I don’t find any book/s that I really like.  The library is such a great service that not enough people appreciate. Our little town has a main library and three branches. The one near where I live has a marvelous genealogy department which I plan to use. Several people have told me that this section of the library is quite useful and easy to use.      

<Mean while… I don’t have a completed post about a pet, for today. I am working on one, so this is just a little blip!      

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