Dogs That Play “Rough and Tumble” (click photos to enlarge)


Three of my dogs love playtime which is several times a day. Lately they’ve had a visitor, Zoey, to play with who REALLY likes to play rough. She is becoming well socialized with other dogs and people. In fact, maybe she is too socialized, as far as her dog friends are concerned. There is one problem when she plays. Zoey, the none chocolate dog in the photos, happens to be an Australian Cattle Dog. This dog breed herds cattle by biting or nipping at the heels/butt of any cow that is not moving along with the herd. So, given the nature of this little dog, she bites the other dogs as she plays. The bites are almost always on the rump. I have watched the dogs play and she gets down and dirty with the two labs. Puppy, the other chocolate colored dog is a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd cross who is very nimble and is smart enough to stay out of her way. 
Puppy, is the smartest dog that I have ever had the privilege of owning. I have taught him several tricks that have people laughing and wanting to know how I taught him  one particular trick. One day, when I am brave enough to attempt a video with my camera, I will try to capture his best “bark forward.”   
I decided to see what some of the photos would look like posted with captions, so this will be my first attempt trying something different.    
Readers/ viewers please excuse typo under one photo which came out as (meeds instead of needs). I worked and worked to correct the error BUT, it ain’t (isn’t) easy for someone that had one short crash course in how to post pics- It is difficult to explain  the process of getting the photos over to the admin. section and then getting them into a thumbnail gallery plus trying to line them up which causes me a great deal of anxiety and frustration. Anyooooo, I hope to soon get a better handle on this admin. section. Please be tolerant of ignorance.  That old saying of “ignorance is bliss” it just not true in my case.  I am not joking. I have gotten tension headaches from working on this blog. I learned how to work in the admin section with one short tutoring session and the cotton-picking thing will just not behave.  Could I just blame it on my computer? 

Now I just committed another error which I have no idea how to get rid of. Folks, all of  my nutiness is making me really angry. I have no idea how I managed to get a Molly sepia photo in the gallery group of dogs. I can not get rid of it tonight and I am now too tired to keep trying.

Post and photographs Yvonne Daniel



4 thoughts on “Dogs That Play “Rough and Tumble” (click photos to enlarge)

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    oh, the little butt biter! they can be fierce! what a mix o’ pups! laughing at rocket just staying completely out of it – i don’t blame him/her. 🙂

    • Hi Theresa. Thanks for commenting. Rocket was a male BC and he died June 2012. I still miss him a lot. Zoey the butt biter is still at it but maybe not quite as silly as her puupy year. She is three years old this month- my guess at her birth month. My daughter wanted me to find her a home. She said I had too many dogs. But Zoey is my go to dog for when I want a dog with me at the lake or around here at home. She is good to stay right with me and I am so thankful that she minds really well. I only need to call her name once and she is at the back door in what seems only seconds. Very fast and very agile and a devoted dog. I am so glad that I did not put her up for adoption.

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