Frostweed: The Great Butterfly Attracter

Monarch butterfly on frostweed, fall native

Monarch butterfly on frostweed, fall native nectar source for many species of butterflies

Butterfly  attracter, frostweed

Butterfly attracter, frostweed



I wrote and re-wrote several paragraphs about the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. When I clicked on spell check check, well the spell check had a “spell” and refused to stop checking as in the little toggle thing that spins around would not stop spinning. This went on for about 10 minutes and I finally gave up and somehow managed to get out of “checking” for spelling errors. However, when I got out of the THING, all of my hard work was erased but the photos remained. For that I am most grateful.

So, at the moment I am sick and tired of writing about the Monarch. I thought I would give a shot writing about this great native wildflower that grows so effortlessly in our yard. I can’t remember a time that Frostweed was not present here. It is a perennial that readily self seeds. It grows in full sun and partial shade. The plant really doesn’t require extra water but this past summer it was withering in some places so I gave the many plants a boost as I watered all of the Live Oak and other native trees and shrubs that I absolutely did not want to lose. My water bill for July and August was over $600 but I deemed these huge old trees as a priority to keep them from stressing and thus hopefully preventing a disease attack.       

 As I promised, I took a few photographs of the Frostweed.   This is an improvement- I think!!! In some areas of the yard it grows at least 6-7  feet tall. In spots where the plants did not receive as  much moisture, they grew to around 3, 4, and 5 tall.    

Later in the year, I’ll explain why this plant is called Frostweed. There will be photographs, for seeing is believing. We’ll need some freezing weather so that I can show you why it is so aptly called Frostweed.     

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2 thoughts on “Frostweed: The Great Butterfly Attracter

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    i’m not familiar with this one. and your water bill! yikes! we were under severe water restrictions (still are this year) so i couldn’t of done that even if i wanted to! 🙂

    • This blog of mine is so weird. I deleted monarch from the title and I see that I did not delete monarch from the post. I am beginning to wonder if there have been monarchs on the plants since I began to photograph again. Had a long hiatus- years. Anyhow, I know that frostweed grows at least from here to austin since Steve Swartzman has a blog re: Texas natives and he is very good. But back to the photo. I had not realized the pic was so awful until Iooked at this post. Everytime I sort of amble through the archives I find something to correct so I “edited this one.” I am not intending these things to publish since I am not changing the dates. WordPress is beginning to cause me to have fits. I should have gone with blogger as my daughter suggested. But I had been using WP on her site and honestly 2-3 years ago, it was better. I see that this pic will not enlarge by clicking on it. So that has been changed, by WP.

      And yes, year of 2011 my water bill for one month was about 600. I only had to water a bit this past summer. Luckily I have city water and there was no ration. But there are too many people with swimming pools and auto sprinklers with water running down the streets from the sprinklers. It is such a waste.

      Thanks for commenting, Theresa.

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