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Addie: Update July 6,2011


Addie July 5, 2011 Addie loves boxes and high places


Addie July 6, 2011 In her favorite place, near the laptop


Today, Addie appears to be feeling better. Her activity level has increased such as moving about more and grooming herself. I have been offering her several varieties and brands of cat food. She finally began nibbling on Nestle Purina NF which is a food that I am feeding  (2) of my cats whose kidneys are slowly playing out. She likes canned Fancy Feast and dry Hill’s Science Diet so I fed that to her initially until she became finicky about her food. It is a real test of my endurance and determination to get her back to where she was before this “thing from hell” ‘reared its ugly head.   

As I write this post she is reclining on part of my computer and I have to move her head to tap the backspace key. I don’t mind at all when my cats are lying on the computer- I just move them out of the way for I know they like being near me. The computer gives off some warmth and I think, slight to moderate warmth is soothing to cats. Just about all of  my cats will lie on the computer if given the chance.   

Each day I check Addie’s suture line and today I noted there are 2 small spots that are red and oozing slightly. I have applied BNT ointment that my veterinarian prescribed just for this possibility. So far, Addie has not attempted to lick these areas. If all goes well I think her sutures can be removed by next Monday or possibly this Friday.   

FYI: The ointment consists of: B= Baytrill (an antibiotic), N= Nystatin (an anti fungal), and T= Triamcinolone (a steroid). This ointment really works for all kinds of wounds, hot spots, ear infections, etc. Simply put, it is good stuff! It is shipped to me via UPS after my veterinarian calls in the script. A compounding pharmacy in Goldswaite,Texas formulates the ointment. It might be interesting to know that a pharmacist must have additional schooling in order to be a “compounder.” Compounding means to take a medication consisting of a powder or it could be a liquid and then turning it into a different form for application.  I think the pharmacy also probably must have a special license for compounding. I just know that this method has been a life saver for people and their animals. I want to add one more example.  A pet owner who can not give their pet medication by mouth can now rub certain medications on the inside of the ear (not in the ear canal) of their furry pal and get virtually the same benefit.   

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