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Mammary Tumors in Cats Part V July 4,2011

Addie (suture line) July 4th, 20111


Addie               Feeling better” (post op) day 14              July 4, 2011

Addie, yesterday July 4th, seemed perkier. Her appetite had increased some. I had been leaving cat food out in several places- Hill’s Science Diet Original and Nestle Purina EN, hoping that she would like this mix. I more or less had to follow her from room to room to see if she had decided to eat a few bites. So I was happy when she actually began nibbling on some dry food. I had offered her canned AD and EN but she was not interested. It seems as if healing from the drastic surgery takes more time than I had expected. It was major surgery in the sense that she had 4 breasts removed plus the lymph glands on the left side. I was giving her Bupenex 0.1mg subcu but I think the med dimmed her appetite and it certainly caused her to sleep almost all of the time. But, maybe not. Animals, at least cats, I think, know how to cope with their pain. I gave her Bupenex for pain when I noticed that she was breathing faster and she was purring. I’ve read that cats cope with pain and illness by purring and I really got to see this in Addie. I gave her pain medication only when she exhibited the behavior that I mentioned.    

I began giving her Ringer’s Lactate 100 ml subcu for dehydration last Friday. Giving her the fluids was a real test of patience. Overall I could see a difference in how she was feeling. The next day after the first round of fluids she began to nibble a few bites. The Ringer’s was given for 3 days and I feel it made a difference.    

At any rate she did not require pain meds yesterday nor today. Overall she is slowly getting back to the cat she was prior to surgery- just minus four teats and a lymph gland.     

At this point, there is no way of knowing if she is cancer free internally unless I choose to have a vet do an  MRI or an ultrasound. I have no idea what these cost but I’m sure these tests do not come cheap nor what the average person would be willing to shell out or pay to keep their pet around for a few months or up to several years.    

So to sum all of this up cost wise, put away a dollar or two every day or more and don’t touch your pet fund. Leave it in the bank and continue to add to your fund until you need it for something major.  You will be glad you did. I know, I am.    


Post  Yvonne Daniel                 Photographs  Yvonne Daniel