Maize’s Dental Surgery and Recovery

 The very invasive dental surgeries were done in June of 2011.
This is a pic of Maize who was once a feral cat. I trapped her, a sister, and a brother about 13-14 years ago. She loves to be petted and is in absolute ecstasy when I groom or pet her. Her fur mats easily even though she is not a long haired cat so she was shaved prior to her dental surgery. Of all my cats she is probably the shyest one and has never been confrontational with the other cats over food or sleeping spots. 

Maize 13-14 yrs old (4 weeks post dental surgery)

Maize, this sweet little tortoiseshell also had dental surgery the day after Sassy’a surgery. A very talented Austin, Texas  board certified, veterinary dental surgeon, Dr. Steve Capron,  performed the surgeries on my cats about 5 weeks ago. Maize’s had gingivitis of the gums and decayed teeth. She is doing well at this time but must be on a low protein diet,   (NF) which is made by the Nestle Purina Company. It was necessary after the dental surgery, to feed her soft canned food with her favorites being AD made by  Hill’s Science Diet. I also fed her Fancy Feast by Purina for the first 4 weeks. Her mouth was quite sore and she required pain meds in the form of Bupenex which I gave subcutaneous between the shoulder blades.  After about 5-6 days she no longer required pain medication.The kidney diet was gradually introduced and it remains an on-going process to get her acclimated to a different food. She is not wild about the RX diet but it is must.

Maize received two antibiotics- Clindamycin  which is an antibiotic- (it can be given orally as a  pill or liquid and also subcu or intramuscular) to kill bacteria that has been growing and that is also unleashed whenever there is/are extractions of the teeth. For a kidney infection, which I am sure resulted from the diseased teeth, she received Seniquin 1/2 tab, daily and good golly was that a chore. I used a “piller” that I purchased from Pets Mart( and one that actually held the 1/2 tab until I pushed the plunger as far back into her mouth as I could get. It was a real tug of war between the “pill” and the the pill that I was trying to give her. Generally it took me 2-3 tries until I had gotten really fast and adept at getting that pill at the back of her tongue so that she could not spit it back out. 

I had to give both antibiotics longer that I care to remember. I don’t remember exactly but both cats took the antibiotics for the same length of time. Each cats’s medications were calibrated on their weight with Sassy receiving the larger dosages since she weighed around 11 pounds and Maize weighed about 6 and 1/2 pounds.

I gave and I am still giving Maize, Ringer’s Lactate which is a fluid that is given either intravenously or subcutaneously. I use the subcutaneous route because these cats are getting fluids daily. It just would not work to have a permanent needle inserted in a vein. It would be too painful and needles do come out of the vein. If this happens it is called infilltration and the fluid leaks out into the tissue. That becomes a real mess and presents a potential problem for an infection such as cellulitis.

  For cats whose kidneys are declining in health, it is good to lessen the strain on the kidneys by supplementing their oral fluid intake with subcu fluids. The cat is better hydrated in this manner and the fluids are not nearly as difficult to give as the oral medication.  Preferably the fluids should be given daily but of late she been getting them three times weekly.

 As of June 2oth, 2011  Maize and Sassy appear to be doing well and I hope and pray that these procedures will give them several more good years of life. 


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  1. TexWisGirl says:

    she is such a tiny little thing. so glad she has you. 🙂

  2. You sure do a lot for your pets, Yvonne. Interestingly, this says it was posted June 23, 2011 yet it just showed up in Google Reader. 🙂

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