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Sassy is Toothless Now


This is  photo of my my cat Sassy, who came to our house as a youngster of about 8 months old. I returned Sassy to her owner three times and each time she came back the next day. Clearly she had decided that our place of abode was more appealing than living in an apartment where her owner continued to allow her to escape. Each time she came back to our house she jumped into my husband’s bass boat and the seat became her bed. She “talked” to me each time I discovered her in the boat which was parked in the “boat port” near the house. I finally gave up returning her and her owner did not call to learn if her cat had taken up residence at our house again.

 In April, I discovered Sassy’s teeth were in a terrible condition. I felt guilty since some of my pets for the past year and one half, due to family matters, did not get the attention that they had been getting before my life changed for the worse for a while. By the time I realised she was ill from the condition of her teeth and gums, she needed BIG TIME, REAL, DENTAL INTERVENTION.  A  veterinary dental surgeon in Austin,Texas, pulled all her teeth and the sockets were filled with a special substance. 

 In this photo, she is about 5 weeks post full dental extraction. She is doing very well now and as my daughter told me, “she should be good for at least 5 more years of living. I truly hope so for she is a very special kitty. In the very future I will give all of the details that were involved getting Sassy back to being “sassy.”

Sassy approx. 17 years old

Sassy, 17 years old. Toothless