The Cost of Buying a Pet By Dr. Lisa Daniel

If you insist on buying a dog instead of adopting/rescuing one, please read the following.

According to pet insurance claims for the past 10 years, in the US the most expensive breeds are:

English Bulldog

Bernese Mountain Dog


Great Dane

French Bulldog

As I always tell clients “The more you pay for a pet, the more it will cost you!” Please, please save a life and adopt a pet. Now days, there are rescue groups for every purebred dog and cat imaginable if you really want a particular kind of dog or cat.

Post: Dr Lisa Daniel DVM

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2 thoughts on “The Cost of Buying a Pet By Dr. Lisa Daniel

  1. Sybil says:

    Sadly, Bernese Mountain dogs are wildly popular here in Nova Scotia.

    • Some times a fad gets started and everyone jumps on the same bandwagon. I would have thought that labs and newfies would be popular. Also there is a breed called the Novia Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever. Have you met anyone with pits or pit mixes? Just curious. Pits are great dogs if their humans treat and train them as you have done yours. I think your dogs are great. They look so healthy and happy and they also get plenty of exercise.

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