Cats Are so Bold Sometimes

Link for video here:

This is an aside and has nothing to do with my lazy way out till I finish work on a long post. I’ve been working a bit at a time since my days are filled with so much pet care and I have little time and energy left after 8pm when I am mostly finished with pet chores for the day.

I’ve had back and forth ID problems as I’ve attempted to determine 2-3 butterfly species. Of course that has nothing to do with this video that I think is so darn cute. I figured I had better throw something out lest this blog site totally dry up. Most days there about 2-3 visitors and that is just “plum pitiful.”

I hope whoever drops in will find this video worthy of a look. It is cute for sure and I’ve had the same thing happen in my house with a cat or two who seem to love the smell of a dog’s bed and thus find it more appealing than a bed of their own. Cats are so bold and have no problem going to sleep on one of my dog’s bed or in a favorite chair.

I initially saw this video on Paulette Mahurin’s blog. Paulette and her husband Terry have been involved in dog rescue for about 28 years or more. She is donating all proceeds from her book, “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap,” to a no-kill shelter in Ventura county, California.

The idea for this book came about while Paulette was taking a creative writing course and her teacher showed the class a picture of two women back in the 1890’s. The class was asked to look at the pic and write a story that involved a secret and maybe a mystery? Anyhoo that was Paulette’s original story which took on a life of its own while researching for the assignment. I may not have all of this exactly right but that is the gist of how her book began. It is a good one and has over 200 reviews on Amazon. (Paulette’s blog address)

Click on the link below to open the video. Thanks for visiting and watching.


62 thoughts on “Cats Are so Bold Sometimes

  1. shoreacres says:

    Loved the video! And like some others, I’m back home now and ready to catch up with everything. Miss Dixie has forgiven me after a day’s worth of letting me know how displeased she was with my absence. Now that she’s allowed me to brush her, she remembers how nice that little ritual is, and it’s constantly at my side, begging, or sitting by her brush and meowing.
    What characters they are.

    I hope you haven’t had any trouble with the flooding rains overnight. I’m not quite caught up with weather, either, and don’t know how widespread it was. What I do know is that I was planning on arriving home today, and would have had a terrible mess to deal with, traffic-wise, if I hadn’t come a couple of days early.

    Now, it’s time to figure out where to begin with my own blog. Sometimes, there’s so much to process it gets hard! But at least I’ve made a good start at sorting out the photos. Have a good day – hope it’s all treats and no tricks!

    • Linda thanks so much for commenting. About that cat. I think Lady Dixie knows just how to gain your attention. I think cats are very smart,just in a different way.:-)

      As far I know there was no flooding from all the rain around here. But it sure did rain and very hard at times.

      But back to you. I am very glad to know that you are back home safe and sound. I know that you’ll have collected some good material to turn into stories for your blog. I eagerly await a new post. :-)

  2. Just Rod says:

    Just spent four weeks with two cats – they certainly can be bossy! Loved the video. Now back in Winnipeg and getting ready to catch up on blogs.

    • Rod, it’s good to know that you and Susan are back in Winnipeg, safe and sound. I just know that you had a truely wonderful trip and I hope you have more stories and pictures to present on your blog and also some stories of the cats as well. :-) Thanks for commenting and enjoying the video.

  3. LOL! What a cute compilation, that definitely put a smile on my face! :D Thanks for sharing Yvonne.

    • It was my pleasure to post this one after seeing it on "Persercution of Mildred Dunlap" By Paulette M. I’m glad it made you smile. It sure had me laughing when the dogs became more aggressive and were taking back their beds. Thanks for commenting, Calee.

  4. Kathy says:

    I feel so sorry for those poor dogs! What a cute video…thank you for sharing.

  5. Office Diva says:

    FBM: This was fun! I haven’t seen it before, so all new to me. Those sassy felines! I like the dog who burrowed in next to the cat and tried to flip him out of the bed. So funny and brought a big smile to my face, which I am going to need as I schlep down to the mechanic to fetch my oil-dripping car. My car is leaking oil like my sinuses are leaking brain fluid. Sigh. Happy Friday!

    • Hi Fairy Blog Child. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the video.It makes me smile each time I watch those cute pets. Thanks for the visit. Will be in touch later this PM. Right now I have Addie-boo plastered to my chest with both of her paws touching my right shoulder. I can hardly type. She is purring so loud I can not “hear myself think.”

  6. Littlesundog says:

    Yvonne, you know I’m a dog fanatic, but I thought the cats were hilarious in this, and I loved the tenacity and ferocity some of the dogs put forth to get their beds back! What a great video this was! And you know your good and loyal followers will wait however long it takes… we love you!

    • Hi there and it is so nice to read your sweet comment. I do know that you are a dog peson and that you volunteer at the local shelter. If I remember correcty you have 2 small dogs- both rescues. I agree with you about the tenacity of the dogs working to get their bed back. When I first saw this video I smiled all the way through. It’s a video that is so cute.

  7. Can’t get enough of the cat video. And, that one of the little puppy with the treadmill was so adorable.

    • Thank you Paulette. I have just discovered that I did not include a link to your blog which I will do since it is on your reblog that I first found it or maybe it was not a reblog on your site. :-) Don’t remember. Anyhow, viewers seem to be liking it as much as you and I.

      • Awww, it’s all good and very sweet. A friend sent that to me and I posted it but to share anything from my sight needs no recognition back to me. If it makes someone happy, makes someone laugh, helps a furry friend somehow, etc. then that’s good for me. You do so much to help with kindness to animals-more than happy to share anything with you. Love, Paulette

      • Yes I thought that it came from another place but I get confused about what came from where since some of those videos get reblogged several or more times. I was too lazy to look up where all the video had been. I could have listed the other bloggers too- but again I was too lazy to go back and frankly I did not have the time. :-) Everyone that has watched it seemed to like the video a lot. Best Regards, yvonne

    • Look at the little blip again to see what I wrote about you and the book. I am deeply sorry for omitting where I first saw the video. I was in a hurry and then when I saw your comment I realized what I had not done. I tried to remember sort of how the book began but I know that my info is not 100% right. You can comment again with better details and I’ll go back and edit it if you wish. I have included your blog address and the book title. Hugs, yvonne

      • What you wrote was accurate and very kind of you. Thank you so much. But, for Pete’s sake, my friend Yvonne, sharing the video needed no acknowledgement back to my site. It was all in good fun and a sweet thing to do for anyone following you (which included me, so I got the pleasure of watching it again, lol. Can’t get enough of it). Love, Paulette

      • Thanks Paulette but putting a link to your site is/was the right thing to do. I did not reblog it but copied the link so there fore credit goes to where it is due. :-)

  8. TexWisGirl says:

    i had seen it before but i watched it again. i love it when the dogs try to dislodge the cat by pulling the bed across the floor. :)

    • Yes, I figured lots of people have seen this one but I needed to post something quick and had this one in cold storage for about 2 weeks. I agree the cutest part is of the dogs dragging the cats in the beds. The cats sometimes like the movenent. I have one cat that I push around in a desk chair. Thanks so much for commenting, Theresa.

  9. Sweet! I love the human-ness of this post…real life is always there, getting in the way of these super-beings we’d like to be. Sometimes we’re just plain tired…or over-wrought…or behind. Thanks, Yvonne!

    • Hello Cindy. Thanks for commenting. I loved reading your comment.You always have such a special way of wording your observations. I know that you and one of daughters are dog people. I hope your two pets are doing okay. One is named Rosie or Rosa I think. I hope I got that right.

  10. sybil says:

    Love the dog/cat bed video. So very sweet. Don’t feel the same about the video of the dog attached to a treadmill in their comment. I taught my dogs to use a treadmill but NEVER tied them on it. I rewarded them for staying on it and they’d go on and off on command. I hope the person who has that dog tied on the treadmill stays in the room to ensure nothing goes amiss. BTW the leash is waaaay too short, the dog can’t even drop its head as it’s walking.

    • Yes, sybil. I was disressed to see that video of the pit bull tied to the bar. Not good at all. Very dangerous. Have no idea where that one originated I would never tie a dog to a moving object unless it were tied to a loop in my jeans and if I were out walking or getting ready to bathe the dog.

  11. love love love the video–our cat rules the roost at our house–it is the humans who have to adapt

    • Lou Ann, Thank you for commenting. Kitty Boy is one lucky cat when he/she showed up on your doorstep.I remember the post of you trying to make cat food and I think you added ketchup ? Or maybe tomato paste? And your husband went out and bought some real cat food. Now that is a good man. I totally understand about adapting for the cat. I will not sit in my favorite chair at the table if a cat is lyiny/sitting/sleeping in the chair. I can’t make then move. The cat always seems so peaceful and content and I feel that I am being mean if I make a cat move. It just does not happen in my home. :-)

  12. That is a sweet video, Yvonne. And it’s a very worthy post. We all need all the smiles and sweetness we can get. Thanks! :-)

  13. chatou11 says:

    Thanks for this video Yvonne, I had so much fun and it’s nice to see them reconciliated at the end.. really touching.
    Quite à long time ago Fanny, my German sherpherd
    used to sleep with a coq who lived with us in the house..! Our pets always surprise us!
    enjoy you day Yvonne

  14. I’ve seen this before. Wouldn’t have happened in our house when Rooney was around. He hated cats with a vengeance. Now “The Grumpy Old Man” totally different. He couldn’t care less about cats and if one took over his bed he would just find somewhere else.

    • Yes, I figured that a more than a few people have seen this video before. I reckon that cats and dogs personalities change just like people as we age. Lots of folks mellow out and so it seems with cats and dogs as well. Thanks for commenting Mike. I alwys like to read about Mr Grumpy.

  15. desertrose7 says:

    So funny and so cute! We have the same problem here but our dog wouldn’t DARE try and turn the cat out of his bed.

  16. gita4elamats says:

    :lol: Poor doggie; cats ARE bold!

  17. Yup I agree ^_^ Sometime they are lovable nd sometime they are very very bold….Cat’s have own mood how to react by time to time lol ;)

  18. Lottie Nevin says:

    What a lovely video :) It’s so long since I’ve had a cat that I’d forgotten just how bold they really are! I love how they all make peace in the end, very sweet but the part when the dogs were dragging around their beds was the best, I really did laugh at that.

    Yvonne, we’ve arrived and I am now on-line! I shall send you an email later, tell you all about it …..your paper in the bucket tip has been most helpful! xxx

    • Lottie is is so good to know that you are in the house in Spain. I am relieved that you have Internet and it was a nice surprise to get a comment from you. Totally unexpected. I had a good laugh too about the paper. When I wrote that I didn’t think much about it but I’m so glad that my crappy advice has been helpful. Don’t worry about trying to send email till until you really have the time. Take good care. ~yvonne xxx

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